Why I call Backwardation in time Feynman-like effect

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  1. As said here I showed an example of Backwardation of the market in the PAST:

    "added a seventh section to the previous quiz
    for introducing backwardation in price and time concept."

    It is very astonishing to see it and I call this strange phenomena Feynman-like effect by analogy with something also weird in in QED (Quantum Electrodynamics) with time travelling particles in the past :D. This is just a metaphore or an analogy of form because inside the hypothesis of my model there isn't any quantum hypothesis nor even fractal nor fibo ratios at all: I just observe them at the end as results.

    "One intriguing feature of Feynman diagrams is that antiparticles are represented as normal particles moving backward in time. In Figure C, an electron collides with its antiparticle, the positron (e+), and both are annihilated. A photon is emitted by the collision, and it decays into two new particles in space: a muon (u-) and its antiparticle, an antimuon (u+). In the diagram, both antiparticles (e+, u+) are moving toward the past, while their corresponding particles (e-, u-) are moving toward the future."

    <IMG SRC=http://www.britannica.com/nobel/art/ofeynmd003a4.gif>
    The annihilation of an electron (e-) by a positron (e+), leading to the formation of a muon (-) and an antimuon (+), with both antiparticles <font color=red>moving backward in time</font>.
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    Interesting. And what is the attraction/repulsion and anihilation/creation relationship of the particles analogous to? :confused: :D
  3. Harry doesn't know himself about this. He is antimatter to Richard Feynman.:cool:
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    No, wait, I get it. Anihilation is just creation in reverse, and repulsion is just attraction in reverse. Whoa! :cool:
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    I burst out laughing because I came to ET to check things out and once I saw that thread title I knew it was from you! :D

    Thanks for the chuckle (they tell me a good belly laugh is equivalent to a few hundred sit ups!) :p
  6. Big problems there Harry. Gotta have contango accounted for!

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  8. It occurs even near opening which is reputed to be "volatile" and "unpredictable" example of last session on low scale we had backwarded in time when market reverse from its low at 10464.59 (near the theorical bottom at 10466.9): the green arrow is a backwardation in time since its arrow is in counterclock-wise or oriented towards the left. You can see that it is indeed going in the past only if you have the model since it occurs on a sort of invisible internal clock of the market :D.

    <IMG SRC=http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/attachment.php?s=&postid=427217>

  9. harrytrader wrote:
    > As said here I showed an example of Backwardation of the
    > market in the PAST: ...

    If there is retrocausality


    then there should be something analogous to the EPR
    experiment (where Bell's inequalities are violated).
    Do you think there is such a thing?
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