Why I blame Obama 100% for this mess?

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  1. When my basement is flooded because of some bad plumbing, I expect the plumber to come into my house and act like there is an emergency. I expect him to be running up and down those stairs shouting orders, carrying equipment and getting things done. However, I do not expect him to take a vacation to Martha's Vineyard or go on a lavish trip to Hawaii. I do not expect him to come up with excuses while my basement is flooded. I do not expect him to be carrying his golf clubs to the green on the time I am paying him.

    I hope you can see why I am now blaming Obama for this mess. I know Obama didnt flood my basement, but Obama sure isnt doing anything to pump the water out or get the pipes to stop gushing. In fact, Obama is goofing off, going on vacations and not focusing on the issues at hand.

    For the next 12 months, all governing has stopped and campaigning is the rule of the day. Lets hope no one fires any missiles at the United States or any bombs go off in some city. Im not sure if Obama's tour bus is equipped to handle it.
  2. Be grateful, general consensus: he'll only make matters worse if he tries to help.
  3. Obama thinks that in order to get the water out of your basement, he just needs to break a few more pipes so the water rushes in faster, which in turn will make the water level rise, which in turn will eventually get so high that the water starts running out the windows and he can say "See...the water is starting to run out of the house already! Told ya I'd fix it!"
  4. You're right, Obama hasn't done a damn thing to fix your flooded basement, but you still have a bigger problem than that. You see, your plumbing didn't go bad due to normal wear and tear. Your plumbing was sabotaged. And guess what, those that did the sabotaging are still out there free to do more damage, so don't be real surprised when your basement floods again.
  5. Why are being so careful to not include Obama in 'those' doing the sabotaging?
  6. And guess what, those that did the sabotaging are still out there free to do more damage,

    I really don't think that will happen again. We lived through a "perfect storm".

    Circumstances are different, no easy credit, no shadow banks, no one is in line to replay the Mozillo play book. Arrogance left with Cayne and Fuld.

    (Jamie Dimon for president, boyaah!)

    If we fired everyone, all the experience would be lost and the system would work itself back to make the same mistake over.
  7. Show me where I did not include him. The guilty parties span the political and corporate spectrum, which is why we have not seen, nor will we see any indictments. It just runs too broad and too deep. One get's taken down and starts to talk about just who benefited from this scam and the entire system collapses, and I'm not talking about ATM's not working. We will see just how collaborative the effort has been between government and corporations. We will see how they all benefited in one way or another. We will see the ugly, unvarnished truth, that our government is bought and paid for. Can't have that, so there won't be any indictments. Hence my statement, don't be surprised when the basement floods again.
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    He's trying to look at the bigger issue, to take into account the 30 years of crap the middle class in this country has been getting.
  9. obama said i will come and do what i think needs to be done. when he got there he found you had a pitbull in the basement named repub. repub said nobody is getting by me. obama is afraid of dogs. all he can do is say "nice doggy,can we get along? let me pet you. every time he sticks his hand out repub growls at him. obama doesnt really know what to do but he continues to try making friends with a trained attack dog. so far he is getting nowhere.
  10. I just lived through the last 30 years. Friends and class mates seem to be doing okay. The losers took risks or weren't paying attention. Yeah, prices went up but what else is new?

    Yeah, the last few years have been dire but whaddya going to do? Party like a rock star forever?
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