Why I Am Burning My Economics Degree

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  1. Who did Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Jackson and other "powerful" men fear the most: central bankers.
    There is no power above money and those that control its issuance and credit standards.
  2. The most powerful organization in America (the Federal Reserve - which is not Federal or a Reserve) was created when the Senate was on Christmas recess and three senators pass the law creating the Fed on a voice vote - LMAO, you just can't make this shit up.
  3. Yes the world is not as it seems....not by any means.
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    Yep. Winners write history. Or in this case, the economic textbooks in which our understanding of 'financial truth' is grounded.

    The paradigm is managed and controlled.

    By the way, George W Bush, Paul Martin and Vicente Fox signed a treaty in 03 to abolish their national borders and sovereign judiciary in favor of constructing a North American 'super state' - a carbon copy of the European Union.

    The SIGNED treaty specifically calls for the deconstruction of our border between Canada AND MEXICO -- so that any member citizen can FREELY travel to another member country.

    America is being destroyed by design, friend.

    Do good.
  5. I heard its not a treaty but an 'agreement' so it doesnt have to
    pass the 2/3 majority required in the US senate.
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    The Fed Reserve a private Org, your kidding.

    How come, doesnt USA president appoints the governer. ?

    Who appoints the other board members ?

    Surely its like the supreme court in USA, government appointed members ?

    I am NON USA person, so I dont know USA history that well.
  7. Good video, but dont burn your degree just yet, it was made in
    the mid 90s and its starts by predicting an imminent depression
    that would make the Great Depression look like a 'sunday school

    'More people are about to lose more money than anytime in history'

    LOL, instead we got the biggest bull market the world ever saw.
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    Keep on laughing while you can.

    Hope you're putting your money where your mouth is.

    Then come back in 5 years and tell us how much you made in the "biggest bull market the world ever saw".

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