Why Hillary can't be President

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    Here we will track the myriad reasons...

    1. she caused a war in Libya...

    Gadhafi’s son and heir apparent, Seif Gadhafi, told American officials in the secret conversations that he was worried Mrs. Clinton was using false pretenses to justify unseating his father and insisted that the regime had no intention of harming a mass of civilians. He compared Mrs. Clinton’s campaign for war to that of the George W. Bush administration’s now debunked weapons of mass destruction accusations, which were used to lobby Congress to invade Iraq, the tapes show.

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  2. Hillary and Obama were at least as interventionist as Bush. They destabilized Egypt, Libya, Syria, a good slice of africa, plus left a mess in Iraq. To cap it off they returned relations with Russia to Cold War levels of hostility. They drastically increased the risks Israel faces and managed to poison relations with their government in the process.
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    That's a ridiculous statement. What a short memory you have.
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  4. They didn't send in large numbers of troops like Bush did, no. But they did meddle in more countries than he did. And the results of their meddling have been uniformly disastrous. Point to one success story.
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    ET righties, Monday, "Obama's troop surge is too small!"
    ET righties, Tuesday, "Obama's troop surge is too large!"
  6. ET lefties, Monday, "The military is evil!"
    ET lefties, Tuesday, "The military is evil!"
    Repeat for the next five days.
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    Ok, that is (right or wrong) consistent.

    So it does not look nearly as drop



    as the reps'




  8. The military does what it's told in our system of government. Don't blame them. Blame the pols who sent them there.

    This is exactly why I cringe when we hear the inevitable line from some republican presidential candidate that he will "do what the generals say."' No, like Ron Paul said, the generals should do what the president says. Of course, a president should carefully weigh the advice of the military brass, but he makes the policy, not them.
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    Reason 2:

    Her husbands decades long war of women including, allegedly, girls no older than 17 on his buddy epsteins island.

    if hillary really cared about women she would have stopped bill or divorced him.. not enabled him for the sake of her personal ambition.
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    Most of the people (especially girls) don't know or care what Lyba is. They don't watch cspan or even read the New York Times. For many it will be their first time to vote. Who do you want, the old white guy or a woman?
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