Why highly intelligent people are NOT happy.

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Illuminated One, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Well look at me, for crying out loud just look at me.

    I am 147 IQ on standardized test from Stanford University.

    I am very high in EQ as well (every successful day trader has to be)

    I am so smart I even know that something like IQ points varies slightly from year to year from season to season.

    Why the hell am I on ET, why aren’t I somewhere exotic like a EBOLA research center.

    Why aren’t I studying astrophysics, is that not the future of humanity.

    Why after my trading day is over, why don’t I hook up with friends more often and go out etc etc.


    Smart people feel isolated, we feel isolated because we can not connect with other people in a way that is meaningful to us.

    My friends drink beer and play video games. (I am not interested)

    Studying EBOLA will make me a poor scientist.

    Studying astrophysics means dealing with people suffering from selective intelligence who won’t admit some simple truths about this field. (I tried talking to them already)

    So here I am on ET, ranting in hope of some self therapy.

    I hate myself, and make no mistake, I hate you all. :D

    I do not wish superior intellect on anyone.
  2. I have analyzed your post and have come to the conclusion that you are suffering from severe delusions of grandeur and a touch of Megalomania.

    There is no known cure and you will be cursed with this affliction for ever and a day.

  3. :D :D :D

    hey wee man, would you like to read something that perhaps you wouldn't read from an average person

    Before going to sleep, I can find you,

    its called remote Viewing, and yes you can find me. (with practice) :)
  4. Candara

    Candara Guest

    Only kids and very stiupid people are happy imho... so, You are normal :)
  5. thanks, misery loves company :D

    good night yall or is it Yoll

    no, it must be yall
  6. I see you....masturbating..
  7. You ARE that mulithandle wanker T28 who is SO sad he actually posts conversations between his many handles yeah real smart!!
  8. Because they can read,comprehend and despair?
  9. everyone can be happy, it just takes hard work and some luck, yes same for daytrading
  10. Four Ants are moving through a forest.
    They see an ELEPHANT coming towards them. Ant 1 says : we should KILL
    Ant 2 says : No, Let us break his leg. Ant 3 says : No, we will
    just throw him away from our path. Ant 4 says : No, we will LEAVE him
    because he is ALONE and we are FOUR.
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