Why Hezbollah, Why Now?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by claywilk, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Somehow I knew that the attack by Hezbollah on Israel was in response to the marching orders Osama Bin Laden ( Saudi Arabia) gave the Sunni's in Iraq to attack the Shiites. At the time that I recognized this I wasn't sure of what the underlying strategy was but I think I have figured it out now.

    The way things were going in Iraq, the Shiite majority (Iran) was on track to lay low and by default gain control of the country. As they felt the possibility of winning the battle slip away in the wake of Al-Zarqawi's death the Sunni's ( Saudi) decided that they had to draw the Shiites into the daily quagmire. So the Saudi Golden Boy (Bin Laden) issued his call for sectarian violence. As the sectarian violence exploded in Iraq and the Shiites (Iran) saw their visions of victory by default jeopardized they sent Hezbollah against Israel. Why? Because this was one thing that would unite the Arab world. With this development the Sunni's (Saudi, Bin Laden) would look bad for their muslim on muslim violence while the Shiites were fighting the "good" battle. It has worked to some extent as the Sunni's have gone from initially condemning Hezbollah to now actually verbalizing support.

    We cannot be sure just how damaging this has been to the Sunni's in Iraq, but my instinct is that it has damaged them. What will the Golden Boy do next to try and regain Sunni momentum?