Why have my posts been deleted?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by hughb, Mar 4, 2010.

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    The last few postings of mine in the jack hershey thread have been deleted. May I please have the courtesy of an explanation? Thank you.
  2. Joe


    Is it possible that your posts could be seen as out of line or abusive? If so they would have been stripped from the thead.
  3. hughb


    No, the posts were neither out of line nor abusive. No reasonable person would have interpreted them as such.

    Why doesn't the moderator who deleted the posts simply answer my question?

    Over the last few years I've had several post deleted and I have never violated the terms of use. One moderator even deleted a post of mine from an off-topic thread about movies when I relayed my personal experience of working as a broker in a boiler room as it applied to the movie Boiler Room. The moderators are arbitrarily deleting many posts, (not just mine), seemingly for the gratification of exercising power of moderation even if the posts are not in violation of the TOU.

    Understanding that you use unpaid volunteers to moderate the board would it be too much to ask them to use professionalism and respect for others postings regardless of their personal feelings towards a member? The purpose of a message board is to facilitate communication.
  4. Wasn't me, but which Hershey thread was it in? There are many (unfortunately).
  5. Joe


    That's what I was going to say, we try to keep the site somewhat organized. So it might have been deleted if their was already an extensive topic on the subject. I'm not in favor of deleting threads, but closing them down and including a link to the other thread is the best practice. Jack Hershey is a controversial character, and my best guess is that their was language in your thread that was unfair to Jack.
  6. Hey Joe,

    Instead of deleting posts isn't it better to move posts to a Quarantine section in the Admin area to avoid accidental deletions and to have a log of Mod activity.
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    I deleted a couple posts from there, a few members were cursing out eachother and I was quoted a few times. I took those out, also there was a member that posted a picture of Jack, if you quoted that your post probably got deleted as well.
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  10. hughb


    Is that the reason they were deleted? I have never cut n pasted t28 posts, my postings were my own.

    I don't understand your reference to jason coolweb, could you clarify that please? Thank you.
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