Why has "The Surf Report--part 2" been closed and moved to Chat?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by shortie, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. just when the thread was getting interesting somebody decided to kill it. WTF?
  2. Seriously, what the fuck?

    I logged on specifically to get my daily dose of ET - ENTERTAINMENT TODAY - and couldn't find it until I checked Shit Shat.

    The village idiot needs his forum back. At least put it to a vote before closing it forever.
  3. TGregg


    I didn't do it, but AIR it had drifted away from journaling to a discussion about lawsuits.
  4. I humbly request that the surf report be cleaned up of the nonsense posted today and be reinstated in it's rightful place. Thank you, surf
  5. Lucrum


    Chit Chat isn't it's rightful place? :) You know I can't help but notice that you, Smurf, and moderated closed threads seem to go hand in hand.

    Anyway I'm sure Baron will do the right thing, just as soon as he gets done eliminating those FX forums you told him to delete.
  6. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Marketsurfer and ProfLogic are derailing threads all over this site with their bickering back and forth. Simply put, I'm over it.
  7. That rubbish has nothing to do with trading. It just seems to be an endless rant about everything or nothing, but not about trading or anything even remotely related. The "rightful place" where it belongs is in the "Recycle Bin". I believe Baron was being kind by moving it to the Chit Chat area versus hitting the good ole delete button.

    Please do not litter this board with your rubbish.