Why has Landis82 not been banned for his racist comments.

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by drjekyllus, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. Now we have these PMs he has sent me and I am sure others have recieved the same sort of harrassing messages.

    "American Grammar
    This might come as a shock to you since you are a "foreigner" . . . but here in the United States of America we spell the word:

    skeptical ( with a "k" )

    How old are you again?"

    "Hey Dr. Jerk-Off,

    I've noticed that you have been creating one post after another in the "Politics & Religion" forum . . . Are you a "prop" poster for Baron and ET? Does he pay you by the post?

    It's interesting to note that not many people seem to reply to your posts anymore . . . Could it be that you have been placed on IGNORE by the majority of ET members?


  2. There is more


    34 posts in one single day.
    You are a true ET "tool".
    Probably never traded a day in your life.

    Absolutely pathetic.
    And anyone that actually trades for a living knows it."

    "For some reason, you have never once posted a "screen-shot" of even ONE DAY's TRADING, even though I (as well as others) have asked you to do so.

    That is quite telling.
    Everyone sees it for what it is, and who YOU are . . . just another idiotic college kid who plays on the Internet in-between their college classes at the local JC.

    I'm heading over to my alma-mater to have lunch with a good friend of mine that is a D-1 coach and NCAA Champion.

    Have a nice weekend "playing" on ET.

    Landis "

    "Dr. Jerk-Off,

    Nice to see that you have already posted 19 times on a Sunday and it isn't even lunch time out here on the West Coast.

    It's pretty CLEAR to those that post on ET that you do not have much of a LIFE.
    19 times on a Sunday?

    How pathetic.
    Do you think you can get over 30 posts before the day is out??? How much does Baron pay you . . . a dime per post?


    P.S. Thanks for your concern over my use of Elliott Wave, but I don't embrace it as the "Holy Grail" like young clowns such as yourself. It's just one small "tool" that I use in my technical analysis tool box. - - - But hey, thanks for your concern... Mr. Paper Trading piker!"

    If anyone else wants to share their delightful experience of dealing with Landis82, please share. I'd love to hear.

    In the meantime, I think the guy is a hardcore racists and should be banned for his racists comments and harrassing PMs.
  3. Oh, yes, YOU pointing fingers at racists. What we have here is a veritable house of mirrors.
  4. Please point out all of my racist comments. Ohhh I forgot, you are a liberal, so according to you, if don't like Obama, that makes you a racist. BTW, Gabfly1, what was your previous handle, you know, the one that got banned?
  5. Where to begin? Using a dog-whistle decoder ring, most of your posts would qualify for "honorable mention."
  6. fhl


    I'm sure you'd be quite familiar with dog whistle decoder rings, thunderdog. lol

  7. Please understand: accusations from ET nazis such as T-Dog/Gabfly, tradernik and other such magnificent gutless wonders automatically makes you a racist whether you are or not. Without their leadership, ET would surely flounder.
  8. I agree Landis82 should be banned, for racial harassment of other ET members. And who is the tool mod that closed down my other thread, which one did landis82 go crying to. This is total injustice if Landis82 is not banned!

    And btw For Landis82 as far as i have seen you have over 8000 posts on this handle alone, while you have been challenged several times by other traders on this site to post a blotter you still have never posted even a single trading blotter, so what gives you the right to question other traders about whether or not they trade for a living? Also Landis82 for you to question other peoples post count who post less than you is beyond stupid, once again it must be something caused by Dr.Jekyluss' race, and i strongly urge the mods not to allow these racially motivated attacks to continue. Not only that but the fact that mods allow members of this site to attack people based on the numbers of times they post a day is beyond ridiculous this is harmful for your site, as less posts = less traffic.

    Which mod closed my thread down and why?

  9. Such delicate sensibilities rise to the surface all of a sudden.
  10. +1

    landis has never posted a screenshot of his own fantasy trading account, yet always bitches and whines for others to post screenshots. what a hypocrite.

    Between landis and his other aliases, he must have 20000+ posts on ET over a period of years. 20000+ posts, landis get a life you loser.
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