Why has "dirty edomite" not been banned yet?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Gabfly1, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. He is racist to the core, and virtually every one of his posts proves it. Is ET the new Stormfront?
  2. Joe


    He was banned at 8am this morning, we were just getting his IP address so we could make sure that he doesn't come back. All his posts have been removed now.

  3. no, but there does appear to be a contingent of little twerps, maligning religious views and hypocritically calling others racist, while they themselves practice it on these boards. The person you are referring to was obviously openly racist. Maybe some of the twerps need to be run off too.
  4. Lucrum


    So are you. The only difference being that dirty edomite is a politically incorrect racist, and you're a politically correct racist.
  5. Thanks Joe.

    On a happy note, it seems that cleveland45 and Lucrum have found each other.
  6. fhl


    Just as you've found a new handle.

    No more thunderdog to kick around anymore, EH?
  7. Of course he doesn't do his "cause" any good. But I think we've had enough of this toadstool. And frankly, now that you mention him, I'm surprised that pabst hasn't been banned. He's no better.

  8. LOL! Busted! There is only one Thunderdog. If not then the Gadfly plague is T-Dogs clone.
  9. Joe, just as an afterthought, you may wish to consider the people who insult a poster that brought a racist to your attention as being "worthy" of your consideration. I think you would do well to keep an eye on them.

  10. No doubt about it, this is T-Dog.
    #10     Dec 15, 2009