Why Gun Bans Fail

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    The elite are warped by universalistic values and desperately hungry for more people to control and for more markets. Its not much fun to have a shrinking population and as the idiots assume one prole is as good as another , well at least someone is there.

    Why Gun Bans Fail
    By Whiskey [blogger]

    Why do gun bans fail, all the time? Save Japan? The answer is simple human nature. Guns are very useful objects, and people want them. There is a global supply of guns, and gun manufacturers globally, including Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, China, Pakistan, and other places are happy to supply guns to the world. In Africa the AK-47 goes for about $50 or so. Criminal networks are happy to smuggle guns where they can reap profits, as they do for non-tax cigarettes, drugs, semi-enslaved prostitutes, and other contraband. Human nature guarantees gun bans always fail. Save Japan.

    Why is Japan alone the exception to the rule for gun bans? Because Japan alone reduces the desire for guns. The Tokugawa Shogunate, after using guns with a peasant army to defeat dynastic rivals, then outlawed them, to preserve Samurai advantages and prevent the peasants from becoming “uppity.” Along with mass killings of Christians, and expulsion of all foreigners, and strict limits on foreign influence, the Tokugawas put Japan into a deep slumber during the Edo Period. Ending when Commodore Perry’s Black Fleet appeared in Tokyo Bay, and humiliatingly created a surrender by Japan to America’s terms of trade and engagement. Launching in turn the overthrow of the Tokugawas, and the Meiji Restoration (in the sense the Emperor was restored to actual power not figurehead status) that re-armed Japan. As the ruling Japanese elite was painfully aware, all Japan had was rusted out old cannons about three centuries out of date from (then) Commodore Perry’s modern arsenal in modern, steam powered warships.

    Guns were still out of reach of the ordinary Japanese, because Japan is a country unlike any other. Japan, alone, faces no real threat of massive amounts of foreigners simply coming into their country and taking over. Japan is racially homogenous. There are not masses of people in Japan who feel racially oppressed and desire racial vengeance. There is no Japanese equivalent of Jamie Foxx making a movie where he “kills all the Japanese people, how cool is that?” Crime is low in Japan, because social pressure is intense, and backed up by the Japanese state. Even the gangsters are strictly regulated, in how they can behave socially, and many areas of life are off limits to them, even though they have considerable financial power. Women can wander around, mostly unmolested, though they are regularly groped on the subways, in ways that women in the West cannot. To understand Japan, imagine the United States made up entirely of clones of say, a Midwestern Pharmacist. There might be drunkenness, or acting out, but nothing seriously dangerous. Though they can certainly afford it, no one really wants a gun in Japan because there is really, no need. Everything is really, really safe.

    That safety comes with enormous, pressure cooker style social needs to conform absolutely to what everyone else does. And social control over daily life that most Westerners let alone Americans would find intrusive, insulting, and repulsive. Group think is how things are done in Japan, and the idea of committing suicide because you failed to make good enough grades in an exam in the equivalent of junior high makes perfect sense there. But is incomprehensible to the West. But the safety is there. At great cost, perhaps, but it exists. And as a result, Japanese do not desire guns.

    In China, peasants are still mostly too poor to want guns. As they become richer, that will change. Certainly, a peasant with a gun is a match for a corrupt official in league with bandits, historically and currently the pattern of Chinese life. And certainly, Chinese have had LOTS of guns, lots and lots, in the past. Notably in the Taipeng Rebellion, killing perhaps 20 million with Civil War style muzzle loading muskets. Peasants in Africa want guns, and despite being desperately poor, find them whenever they can, on the global market, because having a gun or not can be the difference between alive or dead. Besides, various ethnic group armies fighting over resources buy guns on the global arms market. Africa is awash in guns despite (or perhaps because of) being desperately poor.

    Misha Glenny in McMafia writes that most of the economy of Montenegro, and much of the other Balkan States, is made up of cigarette smuggling. Through various loopholes, American and other Western cigarettes are imported, tax-free, to places like Egypt. Where they are sent to the Balkans to be smuggled into Italy and Western Europe and sold tax-free. Glenny writes he himself personally bought non-tax cigarettes in the UK easily, and that they can be found with little trouble all over the United Kingdom. At half the price or less than the official, taxed versions.

    The global criminal networks are stunning their scope and level of cooperation. Mostly, they don’t war with each other (the exception being the Mexican cartel wars over drugs and other activity legal and not). There is too much money being made to war constantly. Places like Dubai, or Cyprus, exist mostly as money laundering facilities for everyone from the Russians to Al Qaeda to the Mafia to the Triads. Basically, anywhere something is outlawed, and desired, and people will pay for it, criminal networks will make an enormous amount of money smuggling it into the place. This is true for women used as sex-slaves, pre-teen girls used as child prostitutes, diamonds, emeralds, “conflict minerals,” cigarettes, drugs of all types, and yes, guns.

    With some of the toughest gun laws in Europe, Anders Breivik (certifiably insane, mcmafiaper the Norwegian Court that tried him) obtained his guns legally, by belonging to a pistol and rifle club(there is some suggestion bribe money was paid to obtain permission despite being nuts). He had made an abortive attempt in Prague to obtain guns illegally, but found none. He would have been better off looking at places like Transnistria, or his own local drug suppliers, who are well armed against rivals, and have pipelines to gun suppliers in Russia, the Ukraine, Moldova, and the afore-mentioned Transnistria.

    How hard is it to smuggle guns into a country that outlaws civilian possession? Well, I give you Mexico, where civilian gun ownership is banned, and the drug wars death toll is somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000. No one knows the death toll for sure. Mexico is awash in guns, all happily supplied by international criminal networks. And not just single shot shot-guns either. Nope, fully automatic AK-47s, and M16s, and FAL rifles, and the German G3, are commonly involved in drug related shoot-outs.

    If there is money and desire, criminal organizations will supply it.

    Britain’s gun crime rate is double that of the pre-Dunblane rate and a full 89% over the last decade. Street robberies are up, so are home and business invasions by armed criminals. While self-defense even without a gun is basically outlawed. Lie back and think of England is perhaps a coping strategy for women, but for men it is effective castration. For obvious reasons — a man who submits to the violence inflicted by another man can only get back his status and power among women by … inflicting even more violence, often at sickening and gratuitous levels. Ugly perhaps, but human and primate sexual nature. As the report notes, carrying guns among gangs is now commonplace. You can thank the gun ban and the efficient, and highly profitable gun trade alongside the drug trade for that development.

    So what can be done to curb violence, and in particular, violent shootings?

    continued: http://whiskeysplace.wordpress.com/2012/12/23/why-gun-bans-fail/
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    .....with millions of non-Whites who really, hate hate hate Whites, and mostly fail at economic success (because they are not able to emulate nerdy White and Asian beta males in cooperating and gaining renumerative skills).

    Where have I heard that before? Anyway, keep your friends close and your guns closer.
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    Violence against crowds of happy, unarmed civilians is right out of the psychopath playbook.. diagnose these intraspecies predators early in life, add extra decades to their sentence for any crime at all, put their faces up on the internet and track their location like we do with molesters and 90% of the gun crimes in America will be gone from the scene. Anybody can autoeducate on the subject, read what's on the internet and at Amazon.
  4. Umm, not instead of gun control.
  5. It's not video games, or movies, or lack of guards at schools, or Satan, or evil, or the news. It's guns. We're long overdue for expanding the background check system and (re-)passing the Assault Weapons Ban, among other things.

    A man in Montgomery, TX shot and killed his wife yesterday after they'd returned from a trip and got into an argument (link). On Saturday, two days ago, a 74-year-old man in Maine shot and killed a 19-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman after they'd gotten into an argument over where they'd parked their cars in a snowstorm (link). (Do you think the old guy played too many violent video games?) On Friday, a man in a car dealership in Atlanta was shot and killed by a 21-year-old man, who then stole a truck (link). Yesterday, a 21-year-old man in Jacksonville shot his 69-year-old uncle after taking acid (link).
  6. For every citation where you outline a criminal using a gun, we can provide one of a law-abiding citizen using a gun to stop a criminal. If you ban guns then only the criminals will have guns.


    December 13, 2012

    Gas station clerks shoot armed robber, The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio 12/10/12
    Two clerks were operating a Sunoco gas station in Springfield Township, Ohio, when an armed robber entered the store and ordered one of the clerks to “go behind the counter and get me the money.” As the criminal went behind the counter he fired at the clerks, prompting the pair to retrieve a .40-caliber pistol and a shotgun and fire at the robber. Shots fired by both clerks struck the criminal, killing him. A daily customer of the Sunoco station was puzzled as to why anyone would attempt to rob the store, telling local media, “I know everyone that works in there. They are all great guys. Everybody knows they have guns. That’s why I’m surprised someone tried to rob them. It does not make sense.”

    December 11, 2012

    Store owner stops knife-wielding robber, WOOD-TV, Battle Creek, Mich. 12/04/12
    Pardeep Singh was working behind the counter of his family’s convenience store, Liberty Mart, in Battle Creek, Mich. when a man entered the store and demanded money. Singh handed over some money and tried to calm the robber by talking to him. Unsatisfied with the amount of cash, the criminal said he needed more money, revealed a knife and attempted to get behind the counter. As the robber moved towards Singh, Singh retrieved a gun and shot the criminal in the head, ending the robbery. The wounded robber was taken to a local hospital where he was listed in critical condition. No one else was harmed during the incident.

    December 5, 2012

    AutoZone Employee Fired After Saving Manager, (WTKR, Hampton Roads, Va. 11/30/12)
    An armed robber, who police believe has robbed more than 30 businesses on Virginia’s middle peninsula, entered an AutoZone in York County, Va. and attempted to rob the store. Upon recognizing the criminal who has been called the “fake beard bandit,” store employee Devin McClean retreated to the store’s bathroom, then exited the store and headed for his truck. McClean retrieved a pistol from his vehicle, reentered the store and ordered the criminal to freeze as he was terrorizing another employee. At first the bandit complied and threw his hands in the air, but then he fled the scene. Following the incident, the manager on duty told McClean, “thank you Devin, you really saved my life.” Unfortunately, two days after the attempted robbery, McClean was fired by AutoZone, whose corporate office cited a zero tolerance policy when contacted by the media. Despite losing his job, McClean says he wouldn’t change anything, stating, “If I can save somebody’s life, I put that way above store policy.”

    November 29, 2012

    Jewelry store owner combats violent criminals, KGO-TV, San Francisco, Calif. 11/26/2012
    Two masked and armed criminals entered Joyeria Vanessa jewelry store in San Jose, Calif. and demanded money from the owner. In response, the owner retrieved a pistol and fired at the robbers. The shots missed, but sent the criminals fleeing to a nearby getaway car. Police made clear that the woman had a right to defend herself.

    November 27, 2012

    Woman defends son and home from burglar, The Joplin Globe, Joplin, Mo. 11/21/12
    A woman was at home with her three-year-old son in Wyandotte, Okla. when she was awakened by a knock on her door. The homeowner peered outside, noticed a strange man at her door and retrieved a .22-caliber pistol. The man then began breaking into the home, making it through one of two locked doors; at which point the woman opened the inside door and fired a shot at the criminal. The would-be burglar fled to a waiting getaway car and proceeded to cross the state line into Missouri. After viewing surveillance video of a nearby road, Missouri police were able to determine the criminal’s whereabouts and make an arrest.

    November 16, 2012

    Store owner fatally shoots armed criminal, The Houston Chronicle, Houston, Texas 11/14/12, KTRK, Houston, Texas 11/15/12
    A robber armed with a handgun entered a cell phone store in Houston, Texas and attempted to rob the owner. The owner responded by retrieving a gun and firing at the criminal, striking him twice and causing him to flee to a nearby getaway car. The robber died after the getaway driver took him to a hospital in Pearland, Texas. The getaway driver is in custody.

    November 13, 2012

    Immigrant uses revolver to defend home, The Herald, Sharon, Pa. 11/08/12
    Italian immigrant Pete Delli Bovi was at home on his couch in Sharon, Pa. when an intruder attempted to break down his door with a brick at 3 in the afternoon. Delli Bovi, who told reporters he always keeps his .38-caliber revolver nearby, retrieved the gun and shot the criminal twice. The home invader fled the scene but was captured by police after seeking treatment at a local hospital. Sharon Police Chief Mike Menster made clear that no charges would be filed against Delli Bovi and remarked, “This is an occupational hazard of being a burglar – eventually, you’re going to go into the wrong house and you’re going to get hurt.”

    November 7, 2012

    Wanted criminal shot by 69-year-old homeowner, The Modesto Bee, Modesto, Calif. 11/05/12
    While driving a car he stole less than 15 minutes earlier, a thief in Ceres, Calif. spotted a 69-year-old homeowner in his garage and attempted to rob him with a knife. The homeowner responded by retrieving a nearby .38-caliber handgun and shooting the criminal twice. The wounded robber fled the home but was captured by police in a nearby yard. An investigation revealed that the criminal already had a warrant out for his arrest, resulting from his lack of participation in a court ordered alternative work program.

    November 6, 2012

    Store owner scares off masked gunman, The Tri-City Herald, Kennewick, Wash. 11/04/12
    A masked criminal, wielding what looked like a handgun, entered the Tienda la Comadre convenience store in Hermiston, Ore. and attempted to rob the store. Police say the robber was in the store for all of five seconds before the owner retrieved a gun and fired at the criminal, causing him to flee. Nothing was taken from the store.

    November 2, 2012

    Woman fights off two armed home invaders, The Beaufort Gazette, Beaufort, S.C. 10/30/12
    A pair of armed intruders entered a home in St. Helena Island, S.C. and attempted to rob the 31-year-old woman who lives there. The homeowner responded by retrieving a gun and firing at the criminals, striking one and causing both to flee. The wounded criminal was discovered when he turned up at the Savannah Memorial University Medical Center seeking treatment; the other was captured a day later. The home invaders face charges of armed robbery and attempted murder.
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    If it feels good, post it.
    Gun control is on the way.
    Accept it.
  8. No, no you can't. It's no contest. Guns kill far more people than they save. Killing a person because of an attempted crime is murder, not a good thing, despite what the bloodthirsty gun-nuts think.

    Besides, I'm not in favor of banning all guns.
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    The guns that jump off the shelves of their own accord, load aim and fire themselves? Those guns? Please, do tell.
  10. To OP:

    That was some of the most intellectually dishonest pieces of crap you can imagine. The party of "rugged individualism, the greatest country in the world, colonize the moon, we defeated fascism/communism, we make iPhones, etc" complains about our inability to stop "big bad organized crime" from importing guns.

    That piece is complete and utter crap. There is a huge difference between developed and developing countries in rates of human trafficking, drug trafficking, senseless crime, organized crime etc.

    USA did insane damage to mobs following RICO prosecutions. OMERTA is your grandaddy's concept now, everyone rats when facing heavy sentences. We CAN and DO control a lot of trafficking. It is not as easy to shop for counterfeit goods in the USA as it is in China. Mexico is a horrible example because it is a third world country with a rich neighbor that has an insatiable desire for cocaine and dope and an unlimited ability to produce guns. Mexico does not have a chance really.

    I go back to the points I made in another thread (none of which were addressed by lucrum) but most important one being this:"If US government was as hellbent on keeping semi automatic weapons from citizenry as it is with C4 gun crime would collapse in this country". I, as a free man, do not accept the inevitability of organized crime running every aspect of my life.
    #10     Jan 2, 2013