WHY give money to the banks

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    Why to give free money to the banks. Why can't they just bailout Underwater mortgages, helps the folks and take care of Bank Balance sheets at the same time..???
  2. Last time I checked they ruled the world.
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    They're doing God's work!
  4. To avoid bank runs and a Great Depression part 2.
  5. Ron Paul says the first thing he and his son Rand Paul are going to do is get the Fed to open the books and see where the bailout money went.

    Wall St supported the GOP victory, so they have put Ron Paul in an interesting position.

    If anyone in the Republican Party tries to stop him, I think it will be a clear signal what to expect - but so will Republicans getting behind him in support.

    Wait to see which one it is.
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    Can you elaborate on this please..