Why get tattoos?

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  1. When you ask people why they get tattoos, the usual answer is something like that they are trying to stand out as an individual. There are other reasons they give, but thats the most common one. But it struck me....so many people in the US have tattoos that you actually stand out more individually if you DONT have a tattoo.

    Its ironic that all these people that got tattoos because they didnt want to conform to society are now conformed to a society themselves where the individuals that do not get tattoos are the ones that are not conforming.
  2. Because Jeffrey Dahmer said "Tattoos taste great!"
  3. People who get tatoo's put on a display of how tough they are. Wooo, I can take the pain, yea right. When you're fat and flabby, and have a tat I can smell the self discipline.

    Now this leaves the fit and trim with tatoo's. They are x box warriors, another breed of tough guys who can take "pain".

    Tatoo's are right up there with eating as a sport.

    tatoo's are very becoming on wrinkled old broads, wtf is that? A butterfly on your saggy old ass/ Cool........
  4. Graffiti. Clutter. Why keep stupidity to yourself when you can display it?
  5. Back in the seventies, when I lived on Hatteras Island, all of the "island boys" and commercial fishermen sported tatoos.

    I always thought it was quite farsighted of them to go ahead and load up on these emblems of hostility before they went to prison.:D
  6. Trampstamps help the easy low hanging fruit stand out from the rest.
  7. your not supposed to get a tattoo if you are christian, jewish or muslim. so i guess it could be an anti religious statement.
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    And....its makes good target!! :D
  9. heh, yeah it seems like just the act of getting a tattoo will triple your chances of going to prison. Its as if people who have the urge to draw on their bodies also have the urge to commit major felonies.

    I guess if you can resist the urge to get a tattoo(if you have that urge) then you also have the discipline to resist the urge to commit a felony.
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    On the brighter side, tattoos make it easier to identify the perps.
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