Why Germany Has It So Good...

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  1. All that after Germany was defeated and destroyed in World War 2.
  2. Those who have never been to Europe just do not get it. Six weeks vacations is like science fiction in the states.
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    Very good article. And this is the model for Germany.

    I see this. To talk about anything (social for the people) in the USA, some people attack and call you communist, or want something free, or lazy, or want to take the wealthy peoples money. If someone talk about what is good for the country whole, they call you communist. I can not understand this because NO ONE INDIVIDUAL create anything of value. Cooperation, some collective colaboracion is healthy.
  4. Stimulus


    This guy would disagree with you.

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    I am an American who moved to Germany and I have been working in Germany for 5 months now.

    My total annual income is 170,000 Euro, my tax rate is 45%, I calculated every paycheck I got, this is the actual deduction.

    I am married with one child, because my spouse is still working in US, and have not moved here, I am not qualified for "Married" tax status, my child deduction is only around 160 - 170 Euro a month (means you only make 160Euro less per paycheck get if no child)

    <b>My advice is: if you have a high income level and you cannot be qualified for "married" bracket, and you have none or few kids, DO NOT move to Germany. PERIOD. You will be ripped off by the government everyday, because you pay much more than the benefits you will get, and your tax is going to subsidize the rest of the country.</b> At higher income level, all benefits go away, for example, Kindergarten fee is based on income. Economically this is a black and white situation. The other alternative is to have your employer equalize your tax when you move so you don't get ripped off by the government, they still rip off your employer but at least you are protected.

  5. This is so true:

    "Many Americans think that we've got a trade deficit because we can't compete with China. We've got a trade deficit because we can't compete with Germany in selling things to China. Until people wake up and look at the kinds of things that the Germans are doing to keep their manufacturing base, we're going to continue to run deficits which leave us in the clutches of foreign creditors and compromise our autonomy as a country."
  6. Methinks Germans are good with yielding derivative weapons.

    Emphasis on derivative, not on yield.
  7. Germany is a leading exporter of machinery, vehicles, chemicals, and household equipment and benefits from a highly skilled labor force.

    Meanwhile the only thing the US makes are treasury bills and unemployment checks.
  8. Germany manufactures some of the best machines in the world, mercedes cars, TBM, Airbus planes.
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