"Why Gaps" (on CBOT site)

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  1. http://www.cbot.com/cbot/dow/cont_detail/0,2614,3+14719,00.html

    "Gaps are created for these main reasons:

    1. To move the market in such a way as to cause the most pain to the greatest amount of traders as possible.
    2. To keep as many people possible out of the move.
    3. Or, to be used as a fishing expedition for suckers.
    4. Reaction to overnight news."

    Make the link with my signature. Sorros in one of his book also said that he thought he achieved great success mainly because he was paranoïd :D - due to war he had known when young.
  2. "5. Wardrobe Freedom"

    That is the biggest reason for me to trade.