Why Fat is the Preferred Fuel for Human Metabolism

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    Maybe Atticus can chime in here....

    Saturated animal fats aren't as bad as experts once thought. Apparently, it's trans-fat or hydrogenated fats the body can't process. Problem is, high fat diets are linked to arteriosclerosis. A high(er) fat diet also boosts endogenous production of androgens.
  2. On the plus side, hardening of the arteries improves posture.
  3. I thought it was beer.
  4. The only "safe" saturated fat that is readily available happens to be virgin coconut oil. Most of VCO is comprised of MCTs, which are metabolized as fuel. VCO does not contribute to atherosclerosis.

    Fats contribute to an increase in both androgens and estrogens. Low-fat/high-fiber diets have been shown to decrease endo-androgen production by 12% in recent research.

    Be sure to buy virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil and not the partially-hydrogenated form.
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    At one point, America had enough Bison to feed the whole world for generations. Much of the American Great Plains was one huge CAFO with nature cleaning up the waste and the environment thriving.

    Then a bunch of farmers decided that killing them all and using the area to grow birdseed for human consumption was a better idea. After all, it doesn't taste horrible if you ferment and bake it.

    Grains and vegetables are not the foods humans are supposed to eat in large quantities. They are second-rate fodder for farm animals.

    Most of humanity's problems could be solved if most people chose to eat a diet consisting of 80% meat and 20% starch.

    Humans have the anatomy of scavenging carnivores, not omnivores.

    For an example of the "damage" cattle do to nature, this article is a must read.
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    Great advice. Thank you. Will buy some next week.
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    here is a very simple rule of thumb.......

    any fat that is a solid at room temperature is probably not good for you in excess......the exception would be spreads like smart balance, promise, benacol, and the like.

    i have nothing against exotic oils.....the question is are you getting the most bang for your buck?
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    There is this one big guy in here that takes my tray a few times a week... I laugh at all those carbs he's eating while I'm getting leaner and meaner... eventually I'll bang him out in front of everybody and they will know that I'm not to be trifled with anymore...
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