Why everything you've been told about evolution is wrong

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    In the Bible, when it mentions somebody's name I've been given to understand that it refers to the person named and his living descendants.. maybe they realized how this works way back then and we had "scientists" to throw us off the track of understanding...
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    From the article:

    Because the scientists missed a day and the bible explains it, therefore every single thing in the bible is true.

    I've got a book (well, more a doc in Notepad than an actual book, but none-the-less) that explains the missing day as well, plus says y'all need to worship me, so ON YOUR KNEES! NOW!

    Christ, if you needed any more evidence of weak minds, here it is.
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    yup, there it is...
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  5. i think "natural selection" has it's values, as for the origins of species, that's still beyond anyone's feeble understanding

    the thing that drives me insane is the suppression of the question. "Life just occurred, and we have the authority to make sure everyone, at least the poor bastards marooned in public schools, is forced to believe"

    these are the same people with "Question Authority" bumper stickers. I suppose the only thing left to do is laugh, and vote them the hell out.
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    Did anyone read past the anecdote? This article is not about the bible.
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    Yeah, people with a talent for sitting in a classroom and repeating verbatim what they are told and then being rewarded for it with a good grade and a knowing smile from the teacher... those are the people I refer to as "scientific"... the ones that don't simply accept everything they are told are less in number but they are a hell of a lot more interesting to talk to, that's all I can say...
  8. Didn't you know? Every presently unanswered question leads directly and unequivocally to the bible. Every coincidence that works in your favor leads directly and unequivocally to dead saints and the hand of god looking out for you. And stuff that doesn't work out so well? Well, god works in mysterious ways. So it's all win all the time. Further, bibles are low in carbs.
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    Good scientists are as open-minded as anyone else you can find, and more so than most. But there is their pesky requirement for evidence with which they continue to winnow the universe of possibilities. Perhaps that makes you believe they are close-minded?

    As for the rote learning of school... *shrug* I gave my students in the martial arts rote learning of techniques with the understanding that when those were mastered the student would begin to improvise. And with few exceptions they did. I assume the same principle holds true for other human endeavors, such as music.
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