why even bother to count your money at this point ?

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  1. the whole bailout crisis is a big freaking joke, why do they even bother counting the money at this point ?

    just print whatever they need, or whoever needs.

    if the AIG bailouts are a necessary thing to do, then whoever responsible for the mess should have their entire worth be taken away.

    the responsible should be punished and everyone should be taught a lesson.

    this is just amazingly ridiculous.
  2. I don't understand how the baby boomers aren't attacking Washington this very moment.

    The sinking markets are one thing. The massive inflation caused by Washington will destroy what little nest eggs they have.

    They must have all been high during the inflationary times of the 70's because they are effin clueless.

    The last quarter of life these people have will be horrendous.
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    I guess if the dollar is going up they can do whatever they want? Why not just print every dime? I agree, why bother with anything else? :p
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    Most baby boomers are spineless and ultimately responsible for this whole mess.

    I am still amazed that nobody really cared when Bill Clinton went on TV for three years and lied about so many things, and we all knew it.
  5. maybe its time for a revolution. They do it in Europe why not the US. What happened to the decendants of the colonials that fought the government? we just might see a riot in washington soon. would not be surprised. Or have we as americans gone soft to this political machine?
  6. The amounts being thrown around by the USA government are indeed becoming meaningless. When the original bailout was announced people were taken back by the amount of money involved. Now people don't even flinch at these gigantic numbers. Suddenly spending $100 billion here, $500 billion there, etc etc, doesn't even seem relevant anymore. A trillion dollars is now what a billion dollars used to be.
  7. Free $1 million homes for everyone, free food for life, a new Ferrari for everyone, courtesy of the U.S. government. Who needs to work in this country. Everyone should just quit their jobs and the government will take care of everyone.
  8. This would never have happened if the FIRST and every following illegal alien had been thrown out.

    Welfare cheat, jail.

    White collar crime, 50X fine and hard time.

    Once you drop your guard, its all over.

    Thanks bleeding heart liberal scum.
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    Kind of funny when they actually did send every family $1200 last year. Now they just need to send every family $1200 a month! That should really get things "kickstarted!"
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    I'm gonna throw up....I was living larger in Cuba...:D

    stop the bitching , grab them ankles and welcome yourselves to the 3rd world....peace
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