Why Eurodollar are good bets right after disasters?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Daal, Jul 18, 2006.

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    On the book Inside the House of Money many hedge fund managers mention buying eurodollars right after disasters in the US, one mention making money minutes after 9/11 with a eurodollar position. I dont understand it, why they would be any different of just holding normal dollars, why do they appreciate in events like 9/11
  2. You're here too! EuroDollars are a flight-to-quality instrument, especially the front months. It used to be T-Bills but they don't trade as actively.
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    Is that because everybody gets afraid the banking system will colapse or something and they figure they get a better chance of getting their money back with a instrument that is not regulated by the goverment?I mean whats the fundamental logic behind the trade
  4. During a disaster scenario, there can be a perception that the FED will ease 25, 50 or maybe even 100 basis points. You'll have weak-handed shorts wanting to get out too.