Why Euro is bad

Discussion in 'Economics' started by harrytrader, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. http://www.euro-know.org/

    Euro-Know It aims to bring you the facts about the Euro, which we firmly believe would be bad for Britain and will not ultimately succeed for the 12 countries who have just joined it. This site is devoted to presenting the arguments fully and clearly, to inform British people and businesses properly in the run-up to the referendum, which the current Labour government has promised, should it decide to recommend joining the Euro. We also provide links to other sites, with a commentary on the views of pro-Euro sites; also a menu of other relevant information about the Euro.
  2. not really want to step on your toes, but why debate if its good or bad? Decide where its going to go and make some money.

    Just a thought
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    You obviously dont know Harry. He lives for debate.:)
  4. No I launch debates to track the zombies :D

  5. And why do you ask why :D.

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    Im really glad you posted this, ive been having many an argument with people in the UK over the Euro and this just adds some charge to my ammo!

    The BBC had this on Italy:

    "Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi has said the European single currency has yet to deliver any economic benefits.
    In an end-of-year press conference, Mr Berlusconi said the euro had "so far produced many negative effects."

    And Mr Berlusconi even appeared to regret Italy's adoption of the euro, saying: "It was not something decided upon by this government."


    When pressed he goes all coy, as typical of people in politics wary of saying what they really mean..but the Euro is not turning out so rosey!!

    My father moved to Ireland before the change over, and noticed a marked increase in prices across the board..
  7. <<After reading this I don't think Euro has much chance.>>

    So far its not doing to bad.

    And the price increases are due to not only higher taxes, but mainly to greed of some that have raised prices in the change over and some that do not understand how to compare to old currencies.

  8. I bet they said the same thing about the US dollar. They were right, for about 200 years.