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  1. I love ET. Baron does a great job, but another reason why I like it so much is because of its members.

    I would bet anything, in some way, the average intelligence level of traders (ET members) is higher than the general population. Because of this, discussing any subject, trading related or not, can lead to good discussions.

    I have been to many message boards throughout my life and most are just horrendous. They're horrendous because many of its members are just plain clueless. They don't know what's going on in the world, they have weak logic, and dealing with them is just plain annoying.

    On ET, I believe there are a lot of smart people. Traders aren't stupid. Even if you're not profitable yet, the fact that you want to trade says something. Sure, not everyone here is a genius, but overall, it's a great group of people. :cool:

  2. It takes an independent minded person to decide to make money on their own terms, including taking risk in exchange for a chance at achieving your desires.
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    Pig Porky,

    I appreciate the fine comments. Thanks a lot!

  4. Pig Porky,

    I strongly agree. I would love to see Baron give us the opportunity to at least make donations to this site via paypal. I'm sure there are many users who feel that giving back something to this site is well worth what they have gotten out of it.

    There are a lot of intelligent people on this site. Some of them are a little whacked out, but that does add a lot of spice to the conversations.

    This board has a good balance of useful discussion and general chit-chat. There is a real sense of family among a lot of ET'ers. Many ET'ers, such as Brother Candle, are ready to embrace anyone at any time.

    How about it Baron -- where can we make donations?
  5. aphexcoil, what are you going to do, donate 5 cents? HEHE :p

  6. I agree that the intelligence level here is much higher than most message boards....Yahoo being on the opposite end. Of course, you do learn to hone your insulting and flaming skills on Yahoo. :p
  7. Become an advertiser on ET, then you can hawk Jasper without reserve. Even if you make less profit from selling your product or services than the cost of the advertising, the difference will be the amount of your donation, and no fussing around with Paypal. If you make more than the advertising price, you would still have contributed more back to Baron than you would through a Paypal donation. It's Capitalism at work. :)

    Actually I'd like to know what the cost of advertising on ET is.

    Suppose a bunch of us who had something they might want to peddle here got together and formed a single marketing group, signed up for one advertisement subscription, and created a joint marketing site. Then we could all shamelessly promote our own little item, for a reduced price per member.
  8. "why I love ET" by someone who just registered this month!

    I can smell a shill a mile away.

    ok , which "moderator" is porky pig??
  9. Hehe, thanks Brother Aphie :p
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    Nice website... how did you convince all those funny looking guys to let you post their pics on your website :D
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