why dow suddenly dropped so much

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  1. in the closing, any news, even i try to short it, but feel too late
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    end of quarter mark up is over. get ready for the re-test of the low.
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    Getting a funny feeling about April Fool's Day.

    Longs = Fools?
  4. that is not the answer. if earnings start to roll out, with unexpected results, we are going to the moon. bought some june YM at 7481, it is climbing now
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    Unexpected results = losses merely tragic and not catastrophic.

  7. Test of S&P support at 800. Closing prices carry more weight, as do closing prices at end of weeks, months, etc. A move to a higher timeframe gives the closes more weight. S&P closed out the month of March sub 800. Does this poke a hole in the bull arguement? Yes. How big of a hole? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. The "Battle for 800" was definitely not won this month, by longs.
  8. The markets surged today because the Gm news wasn't a big deal. All dips should be bought. Don't overanalyze this bull market.
  9. news that Obama says GM should declare bankruptcy, it's splashed all over bloomberg.com
  10. "Bull Market" WTF, must be time to go short ... :confused: :eek: :confused:
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