Why Dow so weak today?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by inet, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. inet


    Dow is plunging.
  2. this is the perfect time to buy some calls on dia

    no reason for the selling

    no bad headlines or anything

    just profit taking

    market will rebound soon
  3. swinger


    Take a look at the 30 Dow stocks and see which ones are dragging it lower.

    You can easily answer this question yourself.

    Without looking at them myself, I know that BA is down a couple of points.
  4. maxpi


    Currently, you can arrange the dow components alphabetically and you see lots of red ink, day over day, at the top and green at the bottom...
  5. moving higher now

    market will rebound to new highs this week
  6. Market rebounding huge into the close cause there was no compelling reason at all for the selling this morning.

    No bad news or anything.

    So easy to predict the markets and make money.

    The bulls arent going to let the market reverse more than 1-2 percent unless there are actual problems that could cause a bigger selloff.
  7. and it did