Why don't white areas have "Community Leaders" and "Community Organizers"?

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  1. Why don't white areas have or need community leaders/organizers?

    Is it just another scam by ambitious blacks to milk their community for $$$$ and power?

    Seriously, WTF does a CL/CO do anyway?
  2. If you go to church , your pastor is considered to be a Community Leader.
  3. Not in white catholic communities. Never once have I heard a priest called a community leader.

    That's mostly for blacks and an occasional Hasidic jew.
  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    They could become President one day.
  5. What about the Pope . . . is he not considered a leader?
  6. Community organizers purpose is to distribute tax monies into the community and into the pockets of the local Reverend and politicians.

    Tax monies don't flow into the White communities, they flow out.
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  8. He is not a "Community Leader". That's utterly ridiculous.
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    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spike believes the Pope's a community leader? Wow!:confused:
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