Why dont the muslim countries help their brothers?

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  1. I always wondered why the oil rich countries of the middle east do not send some of the proceeds to the palestinians.

    It just doesnt make sense to me that these wealthy countries that can easily afford to send a few billion palestine's way and greatly improve the quality of life there, won't. Somebody explain please.
  2. Very good question. Hope you get an interesting reply.
  3. Didn't Sadam do that? If memory serves, he got himself hung for it.
  4. A few grand for the suicide bomber's family was not what i was referring to in case you misunderstood.

    I am talking quality of life changing changing billions, but thanks for playing.
  5. because their country's are infested with fake regimes and installed puppets that answer to the oligarchs. how stupid can you people be? this is so simple.... this is politics 101.

  6. So every opec country that makes the palestinian's quality of life an issue are puppets, or at the very least a marionette?

    I have to disagree.

    Can it be that they really dont give a shit?
  7. name the country that inspired this thread.
  8. I read a short history on this some time ago,most of which I have forgotten. Basically, the paentinians were "outcasts" of other countries.

  9. Not one in particular, more like all as a group. When I read that Iran gave $50 mil and Saudi arabia $90 mil (I could be wrong, correct me if I am), I wonder why they just dont throw a few billion a year their way. Especially when they (arab countries) talk about the palestinian plight.
  10. Quality of life is very subjective. Capitalist minded people believe that the highest moral value is to accumulate wealth, at any price, including subjugating populations.

    Others believe that freedom is the highest moral value, at any cost, including resisting subjugation.

    My best guess in answer to your question is the difference in the hierarchy of core values between opposing populations.
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