Why don't the more liberal and/or democrat ET members play the ET ratings game?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, May 31, 2010.

  1. Duh...because it is infantile...and only exists to produce hits...

    Makes as much sense those losers who vote in the American Idol contest...

    Perhaps it is the only arena where the klannish can win...

    Oh, the thrill of victory they must feel so very, very sweet for them...empowering them, giving them a chance to take charge, take back our country, yada, yada, yada...
  2. Oh they do play the ratings game. Back in 2008 when dear leader was elected, any thread made by conservatives got a 1 star. I remember once posting a thread where I put a video in it and one you guys 1 starred it before you could have possibly even watched the first 30 seconds.

    The reason they lose the ratings game now is obvious. People are starting to see liberalism for what it is so there are now less liberals and more conservatives.
  3. Liberals generally don't get involved in this kind of shit

    Republicans are always talking about polls and how fox news dominate,well young people and minorities don't sit at home at night watching news shows like old people and trailer thrash who have no lives.Many liberals,Young people and minorities also don't have home phones but cell phone plans with unlimited minutes,most polls call land lines.Many liberals will also tell a pollster to fuck off while trailer thrash and old Conservatives are so bored that they would love to spend their night talking to a pollster about how much they hate Obama
  4. OORRRR because their opinions are in the minority. LOL!!!! Polls only call land lines LOL!!!!!!!!!! Bullshit.

    "Liberals" are the ideological minority in the usa. That's the indisputible quantitative fact.

    These dems are endangering themselves by going too far left. These are not the "democrats" of the past. These guys are pushing full on emperial socialism. The majority don't agree with it. Pretty soon they will have to start employing the use of force, since the majority do not agree with their positions. They'd better hurry up and take the rest of those guns!!!!!!

  5. Silver states that Rasmussen's "likely voter" model helps to explain the favorable results for Republicans but does not fully explain Rasmussen's divergence from other poll results. Rasmussen performs their polling by simply calling people on telephone land lines. However, this method needs to be compensated for since many people only have cell phones, and many people do not answer the phone or answer surveys on the phone. Usually pollsters try to compensate for these problems through a number of measures but Silver concludes that Rasmussen must not take any of these measures. As a result, the polling sample that Rasmussen uses is much different than other major pollsters.
  6. Democrats will control the House and Senate after 2010,Obama will be re elected in 2012.Mentally prepare yourself for it now
  7. Lucrum


    They just start threads about it.
  8. Ricter


    Are you not referring to the thread ratings themselves?
  9. More to the participants...

    I understand Baron's introduction of silly things like this...it increases web hits.

    Do I think the rating system adds something of value?