Why dont some men not feel embarrassed to marry ex-playmates?

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  1. I was reading this article http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/sh...on-signs-with-Indianapolis-Col?urn=nfl,190303

    and i just dont get it. What would possess a man with money & fame to pick a woman from the bottom of the barrel? The same goes for that guy Cris Angel who I hear was dating or marrying that other ex-playmate. I mean, these girls slept with an 80 year old man for money/fame. That makes them prostitutes any way you cut it. I look at these guys and wonder what they are thinking? Is it severe low self esteem? Because I mean, your self esteem has to be really low to be "proud" of marrying women like that.

    A few years back, I was at a gas station and I heard a guy talking to his friend who was an employee about how he got a new girlfriend and how she was a stripper. He was really proud that he got a stripper for a girlfriend and was talking to his friend about how now he was going to be in a higher class now and told his friend he would "bring him along"

    I was thinking "what? really? You go out with a stripper and you think you are in a higher social class?" Dont they know that you go out with a stripper/hooker you are in the lowest social class? I have seen this time and time again and i dont get it. Someone explain it to me please.
  2. wife and (non-serious)girlfriend demand totally different sets of qualities. A wife's primary job is to be the mother of your kids, which requires a certain level of "pedigree", genetics, personal qualities, etc. Of course, she should also be pleasing to the eye and match up with you on a personal level (extrovert vs introvert, etc.). A man who marries a woman because he thinks he will have great sex with her down the road is a moron.

    A (non serious) girlfriend's primary job is to provide you with "fun" on all levels.
  3. So hugh hefner got it right and all the guys getting his leftovers are getting it wrong.
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    Not exactly. If these guys are just dating those PB types then they are reaping the rewards of all the training Hugh put them through.

    If they are marrying them, well?

    Keep in mind though those ball players and magicians are just the entertainment. Not really the worlds pioneers or intellectuals or even the wealthy in many cases.

    They make a great living but spend a lot of it off quickly in many cases.
  5. And if they arent spending it fast enough, those playmates will surely help them spend it faster!
  6. surprising fantasy from a holy roller :eek:
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    Does your opinion change if you know that they are "in love"?

  8. Hef only would have stretched out the first two inches of those women. There ought to be more deeper, tighter inches for other guys. :eek:
  9. Are you married Peil? Did your wife bone anybody before you got married? What the hell does it matter what anybody did before they were married? It's okay to have a past.
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    Right on! My wife is a 20 years veteran of the Mustang Ranch and her vagina is so big that I can dive into it. We sometimes ran into her ex-clients as far as in China.*

    But as you said, it is OK to have a past... :)

    * not really true, just making a point
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