Why don't open a desk in Paris ??

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Frenchy, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Frenchy


    Thanks for world trade secuities, did they really allow you to use the firm capital ?? i think you must deposit 10 k before ....
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  2. Err because it's Paris and filthy and the people are assholes
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  3. Frenchy


    great answer !! it show how clever you are, yo r country is proud of you :D

    Seriously can you tell me your opinion on world trade securities ? you start with the solo card with the firm's capital ?? that s it !! ?
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  4. Take a joke Frenchy.. here's another

    What's the thinnest book in the world?

    French war heroes!
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  5. Surdo


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  6. Frenchy


    i don t have a high degree so....so cen is not for me...

    I ve read the contract for world trade but they ask 1500 usd odf deposit then 6 000 / year !!

    But i didn t find with how much of the firm s capital you can trade ?

    That s strange
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  7. Frenchy


    i can't find any prop firms where you can trade the firm's capital even if you make 50/50 on profit they ask a minimum deposit of 5 or 10 k !!
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  8. wucah


    Dosen't appear like they are a real company.


    Check it out

    Other equity trading prop-firms are opening in China or India nowdays. There is no money to be made by prop firms owners in Western World. If you are talking about futures then thats a diffrent story. I am sure there are some Arcades in Paris.
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  9. Dogfish


    Here's the european list of props, mostly London


    Refco used to have a prop office in Paris but it didn't work out, London has a huge French population and most french traders work here, think they can be non-dom or something so it works for them on tax.

    You could do a weekly commute on the eurostar from London it's only 2hrs :cool:
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  10. Dogfish


    Whats the difference between a piece of toast and the french?

    You can make soldiers out of a piece of toast :D
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