Why don't open a desk in Paris ??

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Frenchy, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Frenchy


    I can t believe that but there is no prop trading firms here, no one trading room but my city is changing , we re on the way for being a big trading city in few years imo, if someone is interesting by open a prop firm here, it will be great !!

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    Why not trade remote with a US firm? Some will accept European accounts no problem.
  3. What about White Flag Trading?
  4. Frenchy


    thanks , do you need the series 7 for remote trading ?

    What's the difference beetween remote trading and trading with a broker ?

    thanks guys !!


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  6. there are a few HF in Paris but the tax environment is highly discouraging
    - 50% + taxes for high earners
    - the wealth tax
    Paris lost the battle to London 15 years ago.
    Maybe this will change but it's going to take a while

    Evil but funny

    By the way it would be nice with some more prop firms in Europe, and eventhough the tax is high in Paris, it's better than in Denmark where I currently trade from. I'd definately be interested in trading in paris.
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    There is in fact a prop firm in Paris, it's the French branch of a big UK arcade, Schneider Trading Associates.
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    Thanks !! but can you tell me the advantage of remote trading

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