Why don't more women trade?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Sep 12, 2002.

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  1. Why is trading a male dominated profession? Do women know something we don't? If they like going to Saks, Nordstroms and other expensive well-to-do clothing stores, why don't they engage in this richly rewarding activity?

    Why is it that they require men to assume the risk of trading in order to get rich before they will consider dating them?

    Women are much more intelligent than we realize. They actually found a way to derive high rewards from virtually no risk. We take the risks, some of us get wiped out and hang out in a sleeping bag on the corner while the women selectively find and date the ones who were able to manage risk.

    That's pretty amazing.
  2. ElCubano


    I think you have it wrong.....The boyz with da Mula are the ones that select who will enjoy their fortunes with...thats just the way it works...
  3. LOL! Hehehehe
  4. If they did trade, they could only trade one week out of the month successfully.....

    They are crazy for one week prior to their period, crazy during the week of their period, and depressed during the week after their period.
  5. rs7


    My bet would be if you actually asked women why they do not trade, their answer would be that there are too many men doing it.

    I have traded with women. They think we are disgusting and childish. When I was at a large firm, the women had their own separate but equal trading rooms.

    They definitely smelled better.

    I would imagine there are plenty of women that trade at home, but they wouldn't likely hang around a bulletin board like this one. Would you want your wives and sisters to hang out with Fasterpussycat? How about your daughters?

    Well they don't need to be told not to. They just know. They truly are smarter than men.

    (right dear?...did I do ok honey?)
  6. rs7,

    lol! Do you know what the terms "PW" and "IHP" mean?
  7. bone


    They are too busy spending the male trader's money. That means they are smarter than we are.
  8. Why should women risk any money at all. This is the age of the Affirmative Action WonderWomen. If a woman graduates from a halfway decent college these days with a masters degree, they'll make em a CEO with a 6 figure salary in just a couple of months!!!

  9. im glad they don't trade around me,,,,, i wont be able to concentrate,,,,ill be to busy looking at their breasts and asses.....
  10. blue horseshoe,

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