Why don't I just say out loud what we are all thinking.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Waiting, Feb 19, 2010.

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    Why don't I just say out loud what we are all thinking. Americans have
    lost their collective mind. Because of confusing information and downright
    disinformation it is hard for regular people to understand.

    Any country that decides to wage wars upon wars all over the world, will
    eventually bankrupt itself.

    If Canada continues to be American "work dog in Afghanistan" we too are
    going to be bankrupt.

    It happened to USSR collapse of Soviets

    It happened to NAZI Germany

    and now we are supposed to support ANOTHER war, this time with Iran.

    This is insane, completely insane.

    If this was good old days the conquered country would be colonized and used
    by the winner's population, we would get land and resources for cheap.

    What exactly do we get out of these wars, we get few rich CEOs that serve
    the military industrial complex, that's what we get.

    And the rest of us get DEBT that is unpayable
  2. part of me thinks the wars are not so much about companies and resources but protecting israel. think about it all the countries we fight are enemies of israel. do you see the us attack venezeula they have oil they have resources they are closer.

    what do you think. does that make sense.
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    Of course you are right. Now some will come out and call you antisemitic.

    The money and resources and lives wasted that went into protecting Israel. We could have bought New Zealand for cash and just hand it over to be a new Zionist state.
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    I don't remember Afganistan ever attacking Israel. Look, if someone blows up a building in your country, you need to show strength or they will do it again. After we kicked ass in Afganistan and Iraq, how many more buildings were blown up in the United States? Weakness breeds weakness.

    The leader of Iraq thought he could f with us, and now he is out of power, dead, and his sons are dead too. After that Libya decided that they wanted to be our friend.

  5. afghanistan is a training ground for muslim soldiers without afghanistan the other arab states could not fight. iraq did not have the means to attack you.
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    I don't suppose you see anything wrong with how WTC7 fell on 9/11

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    If the current policy is not changed. US won't have an ally anywhere. Eventually even Europeans will turn away.
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    It's so weird. The US military rolled up Afghanistan in a couple of weeks and now nine years later we are still fighting there? And two planes took down three WTC buildings, talk about "do the math"...
  9. the gov is the problem they take money they do not do their job. they have more money than ever yet things get worse how does that make sense.
  10. yeah didnt i see that same picture in the Washington Post or was it The Economist?? lol.

    im not saying youre wrong. just funny to make a pic in MS paint to back up what could be a logical argument.
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