Why don't communist symbols cause the same outrage as Nazi symbols?

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  1. Apparently all the rage with the hollywood brain dead like Cameron Diaz and our younger generation is to wear communist era accessories and clothing.

    Apparently that hideous dog cameron diaz made some people angry in Peru by walking around with a bag with a maoist slogan that made some people angry considering the damage the commies had done down there.

    My question is: Considering communism is responsible for far more death and destruction than nazism why don't the symbols elicit the same anger?
  2. Perhaps the socialists, the so called left, most media, celebrities, etc., believe that communism is the pure ideal of the socialist left, even though it has involved huge mass genocide and has resulted in complete failure.

    The communist-socialist party seems to distribute power throughout a larger party of thugs, where anyone could possibly be a member like media people, celebrities, and other thugs. It's more of a group effort. Whereas with the Nazi dictator types, power is more consolidated and concentrated towards the upper thugs with much less power sharing.

    History rewriters, socialists, celebs, etc., believe the likes of Nazi dictators are right leaning and therefore bad and must be criticized as there is less power to be distributed amongst other thugs such as themselves.:)
  3. Possibly because the Nazi's reign of terror is associated with murdering millions of Jews. The various communist reigns of terror murdered millions of people too ,but they aren't thought of as the genocide of Jews.
  4. Everything you see with the bodies eyes is a symbol. Bodies, eyes; they are all symbols.

    Anger generated these symbols, and they all elicit fear, and fear breeds anger.

    The body is a symbol of the ability to attack and to be attacked.

    So it is looked on like a "hideous dog".

    All symbols are based on past associations.

    When the past is no longer held in awareness, the body disappears.

  5. Fear of communism, Mao-ophobia...
  6. Real pure communism was the ideal of Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Buddha, etc.

    They all had a vision of a collective group of people caring for one and other, shunning the concept of wealth and material possessions as a means to happiness in this world and the next.

    If the modern day western religions of Judaism and Christianity would follow their own edicts to care for the poor and sickly, there would be no need for any type of Communist Manifesto...

    It is a truism, that in a capitalistic society, at least in practice in our society, where businesses are capable of influencing government to their own advantage, that the corporations end up treating people as a commodity, a labor commodity. This dehumanizing process was condemned by Jesus, Ghandi, etc.

    Without a socialist style movement in this country, we would still see child labor, people living in complete squalor in their retirement years, innadequate health care, etc.

    It is simply amazing how twisted the modern day kapitalist Kristians are, as they don't care about the effect of their business enterprises on children, the poor, the sickly, etc.

    Jesus went out of his way to help these type of people, and the American Korporate way is to go out of their way to ignore these people when any possible profit can be garnered...

    So, communism in its pure form (which we have not seen except in very rare cases) became just another Godless movement in which the leaders abused power over the masses.

    Oh yes, I include the Kristian Korporate Masters as Godless as well...

    Oh, and when Marx and Engles suggested that religion is the opiate of the masses, today's religion is the worship of the Almighty Dollar...

    The fact of this dominant religion of Kapitalism has been seen in the explosion of credit, keeping up with the Jones's, and living beyond one's means...despite warnings from the Masters of their religion...

    Very, very few people understand the truth of class struggle that Marx and Engles saw as the root of most of the problems of society...

  7. Then how can you sleep at night considering you participate so heavily into the very system that you hate?

    You and the anarchists can opt out, move to the woods and subsist of tree bark and berries.

    Probably because you are spineless.

  8. you forget one itty bitty little ingredient to the mix.... and that is free will. communism as practiced in reality is by means of force. the architects of all communist movements have been miscreants financed by capitalists for reasons of creating chaos.

    bankers love communism as long as they get to finance the wars started by the suckers that bought their filth philosophy.

    go do some research... the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches were heavily funded by the Rockefellers. Don't blame true Christians for misdeeds and crimes these satanist committed.
  9. So by this standard, bush and co are leftists? That said they may be communists - a few elite corporations are sucking us dry.

    Add to that the ongoing genocide in Iraq. Come on now, let's not kid ourselves - every red blooded american and israeli solider is trained to torture and kill and kill arabs at will. they live for it.

    But hey, we are liberators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I don't function from a motive of greed...

    Not that you would possibly understand that, self loathing INOC kapitalistic pigs like you only understand the all too human self centering, greed and more and more greed, which is never ending...coupled with disdain for those less fortunate.

    Daily bread, not owning a chain of bakeries...

    That's how I sleep at night...

    See, the klowns and klannish like you live in constant fear of someone taking away what they are most attached to, which is their materialistic wealth and excess, which only brings more and more frustration of the mind...

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