Why dont Americans come to Europe to trade

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  1. 2 great trading opportunities. Trade European markets in the morning from 8am - 11am and then go have lunch with hot women, play golf, gym, a walk in the park, fed the ducks .... and them come back 2pm and kill the American Markets.

    Even those who just want to trade US stocks can do so from 2pm and finish at say 8pm. What's not to love about those trading hours.

    There are some good prop firms here in the UK, some specialist Futures firms with tax free options.

    You guys should break your cycle and spend some months in Europe or other countries and parts of the World and trade. Come on! You only live once!!
  2. can you make any recommendations?
  3. I'm in.

    Give us more detail...
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    Don't worry about the trading hours
    Which market and via which platform?
    How about the leverage?
  5. also there is a bit of a ping trading us markets from europe- i trade treasury futures and notice a difference between the suburbs and downtown chicago
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    Indeed there is a multiple millisec delay, but affects quotes more than execution. It depends on the sensitivity of the strategy.
  7. really good point!
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    I am originally from Europe, I can think of two things....taxes and cost of living....I love europe but it became so bloody expensive that I visit hawaii instead when going on a vacation. I have lived/been to Europe and I am in search of quiet and cheap places now.
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    Spot on Loza,
    I'm on a similar boat. The us is suddenly so damn cheap!
    The quest is to find cheaper places with decent quality of life, fast Internet with low latency-ping! The time zone could play a secondary role too I guess
    Any ideas?
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    I would consider moving to Europe to trade, but the biggest obstacle for me seems to be the visa. It's my understanding I cannot stay more than 90 days on a tourist visa in any one country. Moving every three months is not a viable option for me. I could probably qualify for a retirement visa in Spain, but I'm not so sure I want to live there full time. I'm thinking longer term, not weeks or months.
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