Why DON"T "profitable" traders take the time to train people remotely and for a fee?

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  1. Why DON"T "profitable" traders take the time to train people remotely and for a fee? Or running any service related to trading, or a hedge fund?

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  2. They probably have no time and energy left for that. It is also very hard to teach someone remotely.
  3. NevouS


    i don't make 5 figures a day, but i train people and get them set up with prop firm/off shore fund depending on what kind of trading they do.
  4. Larry Williams does (did) that.
  5. Are you profitable?

  6. Sometimes!
  7. Most do not get asked.
  8. It's a YES or NO question

  9. No its not (except in your self-deception).

    And it has sweet fuck all to do with the thread's question. Just more et shit.

    On the thread's question: Teaching is both very satisfying and hard at times. Remote teaching is both harder and less satisfying. And organizing to do it is a different skill again.

    I've tried it a few times and will not do so again. Having a method that is effective for you is rarely enough. Trading is a combination of achieving understandings, skills and the ability to deliver with discipline and moderate to low stress. Teaching that remotely is difficult.
  10. If you charged for your services, I doubt you are that good of a trader to begin with. Either you are very successful and secretive or you are very successful and benevolent enough to show someone how you operate and for no fee. Likely to be one on one and to someone who has demonstrated the characteristics and passion necessary for lasting success in the markets. Charging a bunch of nitwits is hardly worth it, money wise, if you already rake in fantastic money from the markets. If you don't rake in great money, why would anyone want to learn from you?

    The "benevolent" trader teaches because they feel it's the right thing to do.

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