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  1. how come the united states doesnt invade north korea. To prevent them from aquriing wmds. just like iraq? Can anybody logically give a reason.
  2. Red China you goof.

    We already lost some 50,000 soldiers in the Korean War....
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  4. So. The President of the United States on the eve of war with iraq said he would take whatever actions necessary to prevent rougue countries from getting wmds and weopens capable of hitting the united states. It was the doctrine that he used to start the war. China is not a good enought answer. ZZZZ you have todo better then that.

  5. Reason #1 : North Korea doesn't have oil to hoad and won't make HAL more money.

    Reason #2: Israel doesn't give a flying f*ck about N Korea.

    Lesson over
  6. Russia and China did not try to prevent Bush from going into Iraq.

    Bush's rhetoric is/was for the people...

    China is a good enough answer, and to deny the position of China and Russia as they relate to NK is foolishness, given they aren't too interested in seeing nukes being thrown around their neighborhood.

    We didn't put up a fight when Russia invaded Afghanistan, but if they invaded Germany, or Japan, we would have.

    Countries, especially super powers fight the battles they essentially know they will get little resistance from neighbors or interested parties.

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    Because the war in Iraq has gone so well and every other country on the planet just loves the U.S. right now.
  8. Technically the Korean war of 1950-1953 is still being fought -- the cessation of hostilities on July 27, 1953 was just a ceasefire. It seems that certain countries (like those that have military forces stationed in Japan and South Korea for example) do not wish there to be a resolution of the conflict because they are profiting from the soft occupation.
  9. I believe that in addition to what I think were self-serving reasons the Bush Administration was willing to invade Iraq because they KNEW Iraq was a paper tiger. No. Korea is not a paper Tiger. They already have plenty of WMD's in the form of chemical/biological in addition to a huge well trained, well equipped conventioal army. In short a war with No. Korea would be very ugly. Estimates of deaths in that conflict would be minimum of tens of thousands in the first week. By the way, why are you looking to the U.S. to take care of North Korea? Why doesn't a joint Iranian/Canadian task force load up and go take them out?
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