Why doesn't the market crash?!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ML_QUANT, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. #New Home Sales Plunge to Record Low in December- AP

    # Record number of Americans seek jobless benefits- AP

    # Ford misses expectations, says still won't seek aid- AP

    # Oil dips as inventories swell- AP

    # Kodak posts 4Q loss, plans up to 4,500 job cuts- AP

    # Durable goods orders close worst year since '01- AP

    # Bank stocks drag Europe down despite Asian gains- AP

    # Continental Airlines posts $266 million 4Q loss - AP

    # Eli Lilly reports 4Q loss on ImClone costs - AP
  2. There's a lot of money geared long only and we already flushed the weakest long money. Now we eat each other and bleed the rest away.

  3. fhl


    Maybe cause........it already did?

    The next big crash that you're (maybe hoping for?) comes when the gov bond mkt crashes. And prob the dollar with it. Looks inevitable to me. (not a short term call, btw:p )
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