Why doesnt Radio Shack go bankrupt?

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  1. Just checked the financials. How does this company have 4 billion in revenue? Who here has ever purchased anything at Radio Shack?

    The last time I saw something purchased at Radio Shack was by my father in the 1980s. I believe it was a remote control of some sort for a television to replace the one that broke. Thats it, cant remember even entertaining the thought of going into a Radio Shack.

    What is in a Radio Shack that a Target, Home Depot or Walmart cannot provide? Who would want a Radio Shack brand computer or anything sitting on their desk? When was the last time you were there?
  2. good point. Probably like 10 years ago
  3. Not sure if it's a coincidence but I just posted this on another thread. It's from the Onion and it is satire:

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    Hmmm! Very interesting… Something that haven't been purchased by you or your family must go bankrupt. And something that have been purchased by you or your family must stay in business. :D
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    Tons of stuff that's hard to find anywhere else. Odd cables, connectors, phone batteries, and often people who can answer a technical question that would get you a blank gaze from a sales person at Target who just got off the boat.
  6. I'm a radio hobbyist and an electronics engineer... Radio Shack is the last resort, not good for anything but that... they make all their sales around Christmas time seemingly.

  7. I've been wondering this for years!

    I haven't seen more than 2 people at once in any RS in years
  8. Their products are made overseas and don't last long anymore, so cheap imports provide profit margins unavailable to domestic products. Believe it or not, there remains many devoted RS addicts, especially among the lower class, who feel they can, for $5, fix something that cost $5, and wind up better off than simply replacing that $5 item. I do miss RS's annual catalog, though, which they haven't produced for over ten years now. Cheap, cheap stuff... they have diversified their product line to remain profitable. Paying their people minimum wage helps, also.
  9. I bought a pair of 1/4" female phono jacks, a 10k potentiometer and a small roll of #24 hookup wire there on Saturday.

    I'm sure Target's inventory of electronic components and copper wire is rather thin.

    I'm in Radio Shack maybe once a month to make a miscellaneous $10 purchase. I'm sure lots of other people are also. It adds up.
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    yeah lol. port tells us your final decision in this stock, doing the opposite should beat the S&P by miles, dont be selfish
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