Why doesn't IB offer bullets?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by deadreader, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. Why don't they have bullets like other trading firms?
  2. Bullets Bullets Bullets
  3. you can quickly build a "bullet" using an ssf. this is good if
    you plan to trade a stock all day long.
  4. I haven't given much time to SSF because of the lousy volume. How does buying/selling SSFs help me here? Thanks in advance!
  5. At the beginning of the trading day,
    you buy your stock in the quantity you will trade at maximum
    and short the SSF.

    Then you can sell your long position at a downtick whenever
    you want.

    This is good if you trade this position 2-3 times or more often.
  6. Look at the top of this page! The forum sponsor, PointDirex.

    We have both Bullets and FIX API

  7. I know this is nice, but you have neither futures nor international
    exchanges. This makes the whole thing unfortunately useless for me.
  8. IB, are you out there?
  9. brought up before ...

    do a search for it and you might see an answer from IB
  10. def said "we are waiting to see how SSF's pan out. No decisions yet and thus 2 months isn't likely"

    I can't find anything else since...
    #10     Sep 27, 2003