Why Doesn't IB Have Tick by Tick Data?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by version77, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. I know. That 0.7 second thing rules the market... I think IB needs
    to step up and hand out a really good realiable feed that will kick
    everyones butt. Time to step up and kick the competition where
    it hurts... :p
  2. cvds16


    this changing brokers takes a long time with you.
  3. What does that have to do with IB's 0.7 sec data feed? I have
    actually decided to keep IB as my back up broker. Who is your
    back up broker? Oh, and it's interesting to see you are keeping
    tabs on me... :D
  4. cvds16


    its not difficult to keep track of you: you are just on every IB-bashing thread. And no i dont want them to upgrade their quotes: this will only diminish performance of the actual trading. If you want quotes get a quoteprovider like everybody else. And if you really want to know this has been discussed several times allready, but you probably prefer opening another bashing thread than actually doing some research first.
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    I actually don't want IB to have tick data. this would a huge increase in data demand and probably cause alot more outages.

    If you need tick data, just sign up for a dedicated quote service.
  6. I actually use DTN's IQFeed. But that doesn't help when TWS has
    lagging quotes... I don't know. Maybe it is good to have 0.7
    quotes on my execution platform... :confused:
  7. Catoosa


    You should ask your primary broker for the tick by tick data, not IB your backup broker.
  8. I don't think you are very consistent. I for one would have no problem with IB offering no quotes as long as IB is a reliable broker. Unfortunately, at this point IB has neither good quotes nor is a reliable brokerage service. So what's you point? I gather you did not yet experience major problems with IB. Well, I guess, you will follow bungrider when you do. In fact, he started whining even before he had 'real' problems with IB.
  9. alanm


    I would be against tick-by-tick data, if only because IB is already very stingy with the amount of data they will let you see, in comparison to other firms. It stands to reason that doubling the number of ticks would result in having to live with 20 symbols instead of 40 (or 80 instead of 160, or whatever).

    In a study I did recently, I showed that the "volume" data that people felt was so critical that IB should supply now accounts for 17% of the total download bandwidth. For those of us that just want to trade, and already have a proper quote and charting package, this was a huge waste of capacity. I'd rather have had 20% more symbols available.
  10. Me not, better double the number of ticks and halve the number of symbols. Let's face it, serious traders don't trade more than 20 symbols realtime. Pay for a service if you want to track more. Pick out of those that you want and trade them on IB with a superior tick stream. The problem now is too many lurkers crying for lots of symbols without much need for ticks to do any real trading. We haven't even talked about DOM streams yet!

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