Why doesnt IB display the EDGX market maker quotes?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by stock777, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. They are often the best bid or offer.
  2. They actually do display it but I've noticed exceptions to the rule.
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    I just noticed this too in the last couple of days...EDGX is almost always showing up in TradeStation quotes, but not IB. I tried to hit and EDGX bid using IB, but it didn't go through.

    What is this exactly? Market maker/ecn? I saw on another thread that it's the same as the old Attain ecn, but the quote is showing up in capital letters (which indicates a market maker) on my level 2.
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  5. Anyone routing limit orders to EDGX frequently here? How often do you get traded through if at all? What have been your experiences?
  6. Knight group bought:
    EDGX = old Noci ECN
    EDGA = old Attain ECN

    I can see and post to EDGX for listed stocks, but not Nasdaq. I can see and post to EDGA for Nasdaq (they don't have a book for listed stocks). They have nice rebates ($2.50/$2.60) so I know several traders who are using EDGA/EDGX a lot for Nasdaq trading. The EDGX ECN is used by the NITE algorithms and several traders have found that you can buy at the inside bid and sell at the inside offer when the market is going in the opposite direction.
  7. Yes I've noticed they have great rebates, but am wondering about the probability of getting filled when bidding or offering...hoping to get some feedback from people who do this regularly on NASDAQ stocks through EDGX...the rebate advanatage is great, but if you're not gonna get filled, then it's not very useful!
  8. The fact that you can't post to EDGX for NASDAQ stocks is a restriction at your firm isn't it? because from what i understood, both are available for NASDAQ stocks.

    For NASDAQ stocks, is it better to post on EDGX or EDGA?
  9. You can use both EDGA and EDGX for nasdaq. I can post/take from the book for both ECNS, but I cannot see it on my level 2 for EDGX. However, it will get executed. Has to do with the connection in place with lightspeed.

    EDGA seems to be pretty active for liquid nasdaq stocks and you can use it to lock the market.
  10. All these invisible (to me) MM's are starting to piss me off.
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