why doesn't Hapaboy join the US army, Iran is waiting, GO GO Hapaboy GO

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ex_broker, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. and two 110 story towers can fall straight down and totally miss all the buildings not owned by Silverstein..

    oh man.....

    amazing what people believe I swear..
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  2. hapaboy did serve in the US military.

    You, ex_bumboy, probably served... what... as part of some fatwa or the other.

    By the way, ex_bumboy, you have yet to tell us

    a) what your usual username is here, or what all your other usernames are. I noticed you haven't denied that you post here under different names.

    b) why you're shaking in your shoes with fear over telling us what your usual username is.

    Why are you so scared?
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  3. so I got 15 nicknames here on ET

    what's it to ya

    by the way if you want to know, the reason I get banned so much is not just because I am bit of a hard ass

    I get banned because I post threads like

    "Is Baron trader himself, or just a smart man making money off wannabie traders"

    this is why I get deleted and banned

    because I dare to ASK Difficult questions

    and as for you Hapaboy, I fought in Bosnian war in 1992 against muslims and holy warriors from Saudi Arabia

    I am angry because Bush is a fcuking actor, he is NOT using army the right way

    look at shit we are in now, Iran needs intervention but we can't do shit, because of huge losses we would have in Iraq

    etc etc, don't get me started
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  4. What it is to me is this - why don't you tell us what all your usernames are so that we can put together a picture of who you are? Why is it that you feel the need to post things like this under one name and other things under other names?

    Answer this question - why do you have 15 usernames?

    Are you ashamed of your own beliefs?

    If you aren't ashamed of your own posts, tell us all your usernames.
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  5. Ah, you were one of Milosevic's boys? Tell us, ex_whatever, did you participate in ethnic cleansing?

    Is this why you're mad at the US, because we bombed you to prevent you from massacring more women and children?
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  6. I am afraid you got it wrong

    I was part of special US/German division making sure things go right

    enough said

    oh well, time to change nick name again

    but before I change my name

    I just want to say that you guys are virgins big time

    you don't know what is going on

    when commander in chief stops listening to top generals, nothing goes right

    I can't believe I went as far as I did with you people

    Auf Wiedersehen

    PS: if you think I am the only ex soldier angry at Bush, you don't know shit
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  7. I was a former member of the Australian Army Reserve while I worked full time as a Public Servant (my first ever job). It taught me to despise war and warfare. I've noticed that often people who have NEVER been in the armed services and/or have never served in theatres of war are VERY pro-war...Strange:confused:
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  8. ex_crement, don't go away mad.

    Just go away.

    Auf wiedersehen, mein dumbkopf freund!

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  9. ElCubano


    he served in the military ; the nicaraguan army...:D
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  10. Que???? :eek:
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