why doesn't Hapaboy join the US army, Iran is waiting, GO GO Hapaboy GO

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  1. every time Hapaboy calls someone moonbat from now on

    I WILL BE THERE, to remind him to join US army and walk the talk

    I am sure he will now come up with

    "Oh I am very old." OR "I am disabled"

    or something like that :cool:

    he can't go cause his accounts need him badly, his children the IB accounts :p
  2. Sorry, I can't go.

    I'm too old, or I'm disabled. Yeah, that's it.

    Plus I have my children IB accounts to take care of!

    So, as much as I'd like to, I'll leave it to the professionals to take care of the Muslim fanatics. That is, if they don't take care of us first.

    Say, you should volunteer to be a human shield out there! And don't let me hear you say you're old or disabled! Allah Akbar!!
  3. LOL... now we know why you support the repugniklans... mentally challenged is probably the disability you are refering to :p
  4. as I expected

    but hapaboy thinks I am fan of muslims, I am not,

    what I am saying there is a better way to deal with the issue

    why bomb anyone in this day and age

    we have the ability to fry people's brains from orbit with NSA satelites

    there you go hapa, I beat you in craziness
  5. He's already seved in the U.S. military, you moron......
  6. you believe him, you are a freakin moron

    if he served in military, he would say so on this thread

    but he didn't you moron

    you bloody moron
  7. I served in the military all ready.

  8. that is bull and you know it

    if it were true you would have said it long time ago

    you wouldn't wait for someone else to say it

    WHY must you be so transparent

    oh cause you are dumb, bush lover
  9. The us army doesn't take retarded eunuchs with a empty nut sack. No fags allowed in Uncle Sams army. Unless you're commader in chief who was cheer leader of the football team! ROTFLMAO!! :D
  10. Oh foolish radical Islamist, it would take you but a brief search on ET to see previous quotes from me of many years ago stating that I served in the Army.

    Now please, go be a human shield in Tehran. Iran is waiting, GO GO ex broker GO!

    Kis em ick!

    Allah O Akbar!!
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