Why doesn't gov't do a $3 trillion public offering?

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    Its obvious the demand for stock is insatiable. Just issue a few trillion of stock and pay off a ton of debt. hell join the thousands of insiders who are selling at record levels. since fundamnetals don't matter its an easy ipo
  2. because the politicians only do things that benefit them. they could help people by changing laws without costing anything.
  3. IPO for what? All the debt they took off he banks' balance sheets?

    I wonder what the demand would be like for that kind of security.
  4. So then all some country like iran needs to do, is secretly accumulate 51% of all the shares, and then they own us. They get to wipe out all previous laws. They get to make us a muslim nation where if you dont worship allah, you die. They also get control over our army to enforce these laws.

    Sounds like a bad idea to me.
  5. The pharmaceutical and banking lobbies would retain a majority holding.
  6. because those who would buy, already own

    and under the current arrangement, they can get the assets without the debt
  7. They could start by distributing to the public the shares of GM and Chrysler we own and they have.
    The Dems in congress keep voting down amendments to do just that.
  8. with deficits set to go up and up and in already trillions and huge loss of jobs with poor long term prospects and with china as the new golbal power, would you buy this stock if it were a company?
  9. The 51% majority situation can easily be nullified with voting and non-voting shares or securitize only 49% of debt.
  10. why would the goverment want to sell shares or ipo

    the topic question is invalid, it just doesn;t work that way
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