Why doesn't everyone auto trade

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  1. It is much harder to make money automated trading? Seems to me that since you take out emotions and have concrete rules that have been proven to work in the past that automated trading is far superior that regular trading.

    I mean after all why would you want to sit in front of a computer all day when you can have the computer trade for you. I don't get why everyone isn't doing this?
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    Why don't you just automate a system, and let us know how it goes.
  5. Simple. Most people dont have the skills to do it. Are you going to study programming for several years to get good enough to code something that you trust enough to handle your money?

    A single bug could make the system go nuts and burn thru your entire account in a few hours :eek:
  6. the myopia is typical

    no form of trading is across the board "superior" to another

    auto traders make money, discretionary traders make money.

    i personally don't auto trade because i get better returns discretionary trading AND i enjoy it.

    i also discretionary trade client accounts and the same applies

    i don't think my method is "SUPERIOR". it's superior FOR ME
  7. dragon and whit hit on the head.

    Some people, like myself, would rather maintain control at all times of our trading and actually enjoy it! There's just something about letting a computer program run that a human built and then walking away hoping that when you return there wasn't one tiny, little error overlooked... and then your account is wiped out.

    I know, that's extreme, but could easily happen if you are not careful.
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    yes it is a matter of skill .. it is tough to develop a working strategy .. also trading & programming is a rare mix.

    i have seen one here .. around 25% in 6 weeks. Sure people might have better numbers - but this one is automated and DD is low! It does not look like scalping.


    Last year's data was also good as posted in forum.
  10. I cannot agree with you more. Very well said. My system is fully Automated and it is NOT superior, but it is superior FOR ME...

    auto traders make money, discretionary traders make money, investors make money... And some others just keep loosing money.
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