Why doesn't anyone realize Doctors have Bankrupted GM?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by spinn, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. spinn


    OK....I think anyone would freely admit that a drunken 12 year old with a box of crayons could do a better job running GM than the current narcissists in charge.

    But..........healthcare is half of the money they owe. If the 37th best healthcare providing country did not charge twice as much as the best country, GM and dozens of other companies, woiuld not be teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

    As someone with a chronic illness....it is my conclusion that our healthcare systems is corrupt and incompetent...and insanely expensive.
  2. Mvic


    The doctors? They set the rates that GM was charged for its insurance did they? And how did they do that when they are prohibited from collective bargaining?

    Do you know the % of each healthcare $ spent in the US that actually goes to those that provide care, like doctors, nurses etc? When you find out what it is you might not put the entire blame for GMs demise on doctors, and this is from someone who agrees with your general premsie that healthcare costs contributed substantially to the US auto industry's demise.

  3. ET873


    Then get rid of all the health care expenses by curing all the diseases...


  4. Mvic


    This is the area that stimulus $ should be targetting, not primarily infrastrucure.
  5. spinn


    That article was written by DRs and contains numerous half truths, at best.

    For one, the scarcity of DRs is created by their recent decision to make it almost impossible to expand med schools.

    It honestly would not matter if DRs worked for free, they would still be pimped out and prescribe medications such as lipitor for $200 a month that have generic off the shelf equivalents that sell for $12 a month.

    This is destroying our extremely tenuous economy.
  6. Illum


    Uh, that will make it worse. Death is the only thing stopping the bills. Not that I'm against your link, I wouldn't mind being immortal. Actually Im not convinced yet that I'm not.
  7. ET873


    I am not here to promote the website, but that argument as well as others in favor of death have been brought up and answered before. But the answer is that when science reaches the point where humans can be live indefinitely at the physical age of 20, no one gets disease. And I am not claiming that everyone should live indefinitely -- even when the technology becomes available, that should be a personal rather than a societal decision. But it's pretty obvious that a ton of money could be saved if cancer, obesity, and heart disease were cured.
  8. Bring in cheap doctors from overseas.
  9. spinn


    That all comes back to my initial question.....where is the incentive for DRs to cure or prevent a disease if they profit from it?

    In my opinion, it should be mandated that nobody can have an insurance decuctible of less than $3000 per year. Let the market hold DRs accountable.

    And obesity may be a "disease" in about 5% of the population.

    Before considering obesity a disease, maybe the patient should eat right and work out an hour three times a week for six months?