why does TS can not chart?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by robinxing, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. now I am using metaserver3.2 and globalserver and IB tws as data feed

    on the right hand there is no volume

    and I checked the globalserver

    there is stored volume for these ticks

    would anyone tell me what is the problem

    how to fix it thank you
  2. looks like volumes not being collected. maybe the metaserver template for collecting symbol data was changed?

    otherwise.. if you know that not to be the case.. then its strictly the indicator is failing to plot the volume.

    i would suspect the 1st though.. as the volume says "0" on the heading of your chart.
  3. another pic
  4. pic of owndata shows no volume

    but above pic of globalserver shows volume stored
  5. sounds like you have found the problem then.

    owndata ..

    must be the issue. i havn't a clue how it works.
  6. yes it should be the problem of owndata

    but the owndata does store volume sometimes
  7. kon.P


    just an advice...in globalserver always add future symbols as
    stocks. You can use your own symbols (like ES-YM-NQ)..metaserver has this ability..to collect data for one symbol and send data to GS for another..you can make the month rollovers from MSRT portfolio .
    There is a known bug in GS when you add a symbol as future when GS is setted up for Signal-online feed..a bug which has to do with volume...