Why Does The RNC Let Liberals Run The GOP Debates?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jan 8, 2012.

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    I don't understand why liberals are allowed to run the GOP debates. Every time they just try to get the candidates to argue with one another and instead of asking proper questions they try to tear down the candidates.

    ABC News commentator George Stephanopoulos directed pointed, hard-edged questions to Republican presidential candidates during Saturday night’s New Hampshire debate, often attacking without providing evidence to justify his broadsides.

    When questioning former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Stephanopoulos, a former press secretary in the administration of Democratic President Bill Clinton, premised some inquiries on the assertion — offered without supporting facts — that Romney’s job-creation statistics were inaccurate.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/01/07/s...with-fairness-during-nh-debate/#ixzz1iqCgeYSJ
  2. I'm just starting to watch the debate as I had to dvr it to watch the game but I wonder why are the candidates taking it so easy on Romney.

    I just watched the part on Bain and both Newt and Huntsman had the chance to follow Stephanopoulos's lead and rip Romney apart and didn't.Better believe Obama ,his media and his Super Pacs will
  3. Because its ABC's network

    All networks with the exception of Fox are leftist or left leaning .Unless The GOP only has debates on Fox they are stuck with liberal moderators
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    Why indeed.

    On the micro scale, in this case, it might simply be attributed to Stephanopoulos being a biased political hack. He is certainly no journalist and has shown repeatedly that he is essentially a dishonest person. I remember when they found him passed-out drunk in his car in Dupont Circle a few years back. The smarmy limo-riding whoring presidential advisor in the movie Mars Attacks was based on Stephanopoulus.

    In the large schema of things I suppose it may be the fact that any seasoned politicians have retired and are long gone, aside from the nutball McCain. The current crop of republican candidates and Obama himself are from my generation and my generation is proving itself incapable of running their own lives much less running the country. In short, they aren't half of the men that preceeded them.

    Ron Paul is an exception but most anyone from my father's generation will tell you he is a fringe character.
  5. We nearly spend more on defense then all other countries combined and most of the stooges and so called fiscal conservatives on stage are criticizing Obama for cutting defense spending :confused: :confused:
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    I know you aren't too clever but you seem to have posted in the entirely wrong thread. What has defense spending got to do with Romneys stated job creation?

    You really should stop drinking IQ-47. Drunk, liberal and semi-literate is no way to go through life.
  7. This is the only thread about the debate dumb ass .I know you're too fucking stupid to realize it but subjects change in debates .The subject of defense was discussed and some of the candidates criticized Obama for making cuts to the defense budget.Paul even discussed neocon chicken shit chicken hawks like yourself :)
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    Oh don't be such a wanker. I was merely pointing out your obvious deficiencies.

    I guess when you say "chickenhawk" you are implying that you are the real deal. Could you remind me of what branch of the military you served in?

    If you keep up with the sauce we're going to end up calling you IQ-35. :D

    Ron...Paul? lol! Considering the destruction he has wrought in the republican primary one might legitimately wonder if he is on the Whitehouse payroll.
  9. A chickenhawk is someone who wants war but wont serve himself like Romney and his 5 sons,5 deferment Chaney,Newt who couldn't serve because he had a wife and child(although Dr Paul pointed out that he had a wife and 2 kids and he left them to serve) etc

    I never served and have never claimed to,but unlike warmongering chicken shit chicken hawks I am anti war unless the The United States is attacked
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    The thing is... I did serve and there wasn't a chickenshit ignorant lousiana idiot in the whole outfit, I'm pretty sure they just do the cooking.

    How is your cooking?
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