Why does the nurses union hate traders?

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  1. It seems very strange to me as to why National Nurses United is so big on a financial transaction tax. What does high frequency trading have anything to do with nursing? By the way, don't these traders pay the same income tax as everyone else?
  2. link, please.
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Interesting. Please tell us what you think of that, RCG.
  4. The Nurses union is just the face(front) for all unions. They put the Nurses out front because they think people will have more compassion for them then if it were a bunch of teamsters.

    All fake
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    Max E.

    More evidence that nurses have no clue about financial markets(especially the male ones) and should just stick to performing enemas.
  6. I thought civil servants could not unionize. Let me read the article.
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  8. One, I am opposed to nurses unionizing. Crippling a large hospital is not the way to go. Quit and find another job.

    Two, I doubt these people understand the importance of a liquid market.....that said, enuf people do to make the FTT a non-starter.
  9. Apparently not enough people in Europe.
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