Why does the news media get so excited when a storm hits??

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lilduckling, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Non stop talking .... about a storm thats not even a level 3 anymore.... its down to level 2 and will be level 1 later tonight... yet news channels talking as if its the end of the world...... I dont get it.
  2. Arnie


    Its not just the weather. These guys make everyday occurences out to be a disaster. You should see some of the local teevee coverage on back to school. :D
  3. Most of these reporters/reporterettes are drama hounds in their own right. Most are over the top with every story they get involved with. Especially in the event of potential disaster coverage.

    They don't want cover the storm, they want you to experience it with in-the-wind coverage. There's always a booboo waiting at the point of land impact. They want you to see and hear what it's like to stand in the face of the blast and if it's not overwhelming, they make it so.

    If they could sail out into the eye of a Gustav and broadcast from there... :)
  4. That's it - storm chasing hurricanes in the eye, in a BOAT!!!

    This rises to the idea of a cool parody to make the weather idiots look like the fools they are. One could be under a palm tree and have the tree fall on them, another washed away by a wave, etc... Deathtoll from hurricane Zepher - 1 elderly 108 year old person dies of heart attack and 72 weather reporters stupid enough to get out in the storm all died of weather related causes...
  5. this storm hardly did any damage .... watch for reporters to start breaking shit
  6. Anderson Cooper zooms in on a dent on a stop sign. Next shot "coils of steel" singing Amazing Grace.