Why does the market go higher just because Goldman says it will?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by steffi, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Just because Goldman predicts S&P will go higher by the end of the year the market goes nuts and rallys?

    Why on earth do they give Goldman so much credibility?
  2. academic


    Maybe it has nothing to do with Goldman
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  4. Hints:

    markets Have ZERO predictive ability

    markets are NOT RANDOM


  5. Are they still manipulated by Bush?
  6. The TARP bullshit and "too-big-to-fail" was pushed down tax-payers throats by the same asshole(s) who said the Iraq war would pay for itself in a year.

    Mission accomplished alright.

    The Mission to destroy the US.

    Started with daddy's handpicked supreme court appointing the life long failure into the office.

    Fuck bush & his supporters who think the world is 4000 years old .Cheney should definitely be in jail for breaking numerous US laws and contravening the constitution. filthy scum.

    Obama should come forthwith and state un-equivocally that enemies of the state, aka republicans, are what brought the US to the brink of collapse. 21% still support these enemies of the state. That's 21% too many enablers.

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    Earnings are coming in in-line to better and stocks are priced off earnings 6-9 months out. That being said, all this crap about a head and shoulders took people out and kept people on the sidelines for a month. Now there is panic to participate. Pattern recognition seems to work well in forex, but other than intraday I never put a lot of faith in flags, pennants, wedges etc... on a daily/longer term equity chart. IMHO.
  8. hmmmm..... i dont know what to do now, apparently the markets are manipulated by BUSH, but i still seem to be able to make money even though Bush manipulates them, that evil bastard, he is trying to pull a fast one over on me!!!! This will be the last time Bush pulls one over on me..... I tell you hhhwhat.

    The only thing i can guarantee is that Ann Coulter, Bush, Cheney and their entourage will definately not get the better of me, THATS NOT A THREAT BUT A PROMISE, i am prepared with a clove of garlic, AND THE QUARAN!!!!! SCREW YOU BUSH/CHENEY FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Screw Bush YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  9. don't spend all your paper profits in one place. :)

    I do agree bush & co are evil miserable scum. Just like his illiterate trailer trash supporters. Do you live in a trailer?

  10. Care to compare blotters???
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